Is there anything this Old Spice Guy can’t do?

If you have been following me long enough you know my love for Old Spice Guy, Terry Crews. I’ve featured him blowing up the Ye Olde Yule Log and him making music with his muscles. So, naturally, I’m happy to promote pretty much anything he is doing with my favorite grooming brand.

Old Spice has put together an 80-minute livestream with Crews to celebrate their 80th anniversary. The angle: an interactive branded stream where the audience chooses new lessons on Modern Masculinity every minute for the 80-mintes.

Terry Crews Old Spice Contempormanly
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Introducing Old Spice 80th Anniversary Limited Edition Capsule Collection

Old Spice 80th Anniversary

Did we mention it’s Old Spice’s 80th anniversary this year? Of course we did, why else would they be doing an epic livestream with Terry Crews? Additionally, Old Spice is releasing their 80th Anniversary Capsule Collection–capturing the legendary crisp and clean scent that has had dudes coming back for more even 80 years later. Here’s the low down:

Guys (and gals for their guys) can pickup the Old Spice 80th Anniversary Capsule Collection at Walmart throughout the rest of 2018. The collection includes anti-perspirants, deodorants and body washes, featuring a limited edition scent with refined watery notes that are complemented with citrus and a rich base signature wood and musk. The ladies will love it!

Of course, if you want to learn more you should just get out to Walmart and pickup the collection for yourself. If you need more convincing, make sure you tune into the livestream with Terry Crews and get your “Modern Masculinity” on!

This post is sponsored by Old Spice. All opinions are my own!