Sustainable Upgrades for Your Home

If you’re looking to boost the value of your home, the smartest thing you can do is make it as green as possible. Today’s buyers will look for eco-friendly features and if you can add a touch of style with sustainability, your place will definitely stand out in the market. Even if you aren’t ready to sell your home, a few environmentally-friendly upgrades will also help you to save money on your bills and reduce your carbon footprint. There’s no reason why this has to affect your sophisticated decor, however. There are plenty of ways you can improve the sustainability of your home, without compromising on style. Here are some awesome ideas to get you started.

Invest in solar panels

More and more homeowners are investing in solar panels and they’ll add value to your own, not just for being in style. Solar panels are popular because they can save you money in many ways. They’ll help to reduce your electricity bill as they can be effectively used to power your appliances. You’ll also be entitled to a federal tax credit if you make the switch to solar power. This makes solar panels a worthwhile long-term investment and you’ll attract more buyers if you eventually decide to sell. You’ll also be doing your bit to promote the use of renewable resources.

Replace your roofing

One of the most effective ways to make your home more sustainable is to increase insulation. A quarter of the heat energy in your home is lost through the roof, so it’s essential to ensure your roof is properly insulated. You could do this by adding insulation or replacing your roofing altogether. If you’re looking for a stylish yet sustainable option, metal roofing is an ideal choice. It will help to retain the heat during the winter and keep your home cool in summer. It’s also very versatile and low-cost.

Go smart

If you want to add cool tech to your living space, you should consider going smart. Upgrade to a smart home system and you’ll not only be able to manage your energy usage, but you’ll also be able to control your lighting, thermostat, and appliances from a single device. You could even choose a voice-operated system. This will make your home very attractive to buyers as well. Smart home technology will allow you to save money on your bills, reducing energy costs significantly.

Upgrade to low-E glass

You could also consider upgrading your windows with low-E glass. This is one of the most energy-efficient types of glass. It has a thin film which uses heat reflecting technology. This provides effective insulation for your home. It reflects the sun’s glare during the summer and reflects warmth back into the house during the cooler months.

Add stylish window frames

If you’re upgrading your windows why stop there? You could also add stylish window frames. The most sustainable options include timber, aluminium, and alu-clad. There are a variety of designs available, so you can select the one that best works with the overall style of your home. Here’s a complete guide on how to choose eco-friendly windows.

Update your flooring

You could also update your flooring to improve insulation and add a stylish feature at the same time. Purchase some artisanal rugs that are made from sustainable materials such as recycled wool and jute, or even woven plastics. If you’re not sure how to source these types of stylish creations, here are a few examples of where to find ethical artisan rugs. You could check out local artists online, markets with handmade goods, vintage shops, and more.

Keep cool with the latest window shutter trends

If you’d like to add a special touch to your home’s exterior, you could experiment with the latest in window shutter trends. Window shutters are available in a range of different styles and you can use them to create the look you want. Whether you want to add a rustic country feel to your home or match it’s elegant modern appearance, there are plenty of options to choose from. Shutters provide great insulation and help to protect your home from the elements. They’re especially great in summer if you want to block the glare and heat from the sun while you’re working from home, for example.

Light up your exterior

If you’re fortunate enough to have outside space such as a yard or patio you could create zones with lighting. Invest in energy-efficient LEDs or better yet, solar power. These solar string lights, for example, will help to create a magical atmosphere. You could use them to outline your dining area or highlight your most impressive landscaping efforts. They’ll charge during the day and switch on in the evening when it gets dark, without affecting your electricity bill. If you’re looking to add a nice touch to your exterior without breaking the bank, then try a few low-cost lighting tricks.

Upgrade your front door

Make a great first impression with a new front door. You could even opt for one that’s more eco-friendly. Here are a few examples of sustainable home doors. The important thing is to ensure your doors provide insulation. You could consider restoring your original front door if this adds to the overall style of your home. This is a more sustainable option than buying a new one as you’ll save on emissions caused by manufacturing and transportation. Choose the option that makes the most sense for the type of building you own.

Go native with your landscaping

Nothing improves your curb appeal as much as touch of greenery. If you get creative with your landscaping you can really highlight your outside space front and back, whatever the size. For a more sustainable choice, always try to go for native plants. You can use this native plant finder to find out what’s indigenous to your area. This will ensure that your landscaping designs work with the natural ecosystem rather than against it. If you have a larger yard space or garden, consider letting it grow a little wild. Manicured lawns aren’t great for the environment. Wildflower meadows provide a better habitat for critters and they’ll bloom in beautiful colors in spring.

Decorate with reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood makes a gorgeous feature and it’s very versatile. You can use it to decorate any room. If you look for salvaged wood, your pieces will tell a story as well and this is much better for the environment than buying new furniture and accessories. Here’s where to find reclaimed wood so you can look near you. Common sources include reclaimed lumber dealers, demolition sites, architectural salvage yards, and even fields. You could even contact your local hardware store as they may sell used wooden pallets or you can salvage materials from your latest DIY projects.

DIY upcycled creations

If you enjoy a bit of DIY then why not upcycle your own creations? You could repurpose household items to make quirky accessories for your home. You could transform a vintage suitcase into a shelf or smaller items such as pots and pans into planters. The possibilities are endless. Here are a few stylish upcycled projects for the home to give you inspiration. Upcycling is not only great for the environment but you also might end up with some fantastic conversation pieces. This way you can impress your guests at your next gathering. You could even consider selling your work online. There are plenty of ways you can have fun with sustainable style.