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A rustic looking flask from The Sneerwell

I love me a good flask. What I might love even more than a good flask is one that looks like it has stood the test of time. The Sneerwell Hell Bound Noble Flask looks as though it has made it through hell and back. Each of these screw-top 6 oz beverage containers, which are made of sturdy food-safe stainless steel, features a hand-etched design and a unique patina. Which also means that no two are alike.

The Sneerwell Hell Bound Noble Flask
Credit: The Sneerwell


Cloud-based digital picture frame

Sharing your memories just got easier thanks to Nixplay, a Wi-Fi digital picture frame that uses the power of “The Cloud.” I was recently sent their Nixplay Seed Ultra 10 inch digital frame to review and have had an absolute blast transferring photos to it. I’m planning on writing a full review of the unit in the near future, but in the meantime recommend you checking out Nixplay’s awesome collection of digital frames on their site.

Nixplay Seed Digital Frame


Venice Born, House Beer

I received a surprise package last week and I just had to share it. House Beer is a Venice-based beer company that isn’t like other brewhouses. They only brew one beer (for now), an original premium lager that was born, as they say, “amongst the creators and the modern makers.” This icy cold package came in just at the right time when I really needed to crack open a cold one. Cheers to you, House Beer!

House Beer comes in 12oz. and 16oz. cans, 12oz. bottle, 6-pack cans, 12-pack cans, 6-pack bottles, and on draft.

Venice House Beer
Credit: House Beer


Hey Look! It’s the Perfect Summer Shoe

This week’s style snippet comes again from one of our favorite shops—Huckberry. It’s the Men’s City Slipper by Mohinders, and it’s arguably the most ideal balance of “casual” and “snazzy” in a shoe yet to be made. Know what makes them even more attractive? Each pair is handmade by the company’s nonprofit partner coop in rural India. So, while you’re walking around looking all cas-snazz, you’ll also be supporting over 170 families of artisan entrepreneurs.

Men's City Slipper from Mohinders
Credit: Mohinders


Summer river cruise itineraries from Douro Azul

There’s nothing quite like summer on the water. This week we featured the summer river cruise itineraries from Douro Azul, Europe’s Leading River Cruise Company. Take a look to get inspired for new adventures this summer.

DouroAzul's Serenity
Credit: DouroAzul’s Serenity


Ikea Made Our Favorite Iconic Living Rooms Purchasable

Ever been watching a TV show and thought to yourself, “huh…I’d really like that living room for myself.” Well, if any of those shows happened to be ‘Friends,’ ‘The Simpsons,’ or ‘Stranger Things’ (yes, that’s two for them this week), then Ikea heard you.  In their Real Life Series, the iconic Swedish home store has recreated the living rooms from the iconic series we love. They might not be 110% accurate, but they’re definitely close enough. And, yes, essentially all of it is purchasable.

Ikea Real Life Series
Credit: Ikea


NIVEA Men Maximum Hydration Lotion SPF 15

This light, easily absorbed Broad Spectrum SPF 15 lotion protects every day against sun damage and moisturizes to relieve dry, wind burned skin. I’m looking forward to putting this to the test this summer while enjoying time on our family’s lake boat.

Nivea Men Maximum Hydration Protective Lotion 


This ‘Stranger Things’ Escape Room Pop-Up in Seoul Is Mine and You Can’t Have It

Big fan of ‘Stranger Things’? Same (Like, really, I might have a problem.) Another thing I love: escape rooms. That’s right; I thoroughly enjoy paying someone to lock me into a confined space to see if I have the adequate cognitive abilities to get myself out. I usually don’t. That aside, I’m relatively certain this pop-up ‘Stranger Things’ escape room in Seoul was made for me (and you), and we should probably grab a pair of plane tickets right tf now. Check it out via HighSnobriety here.

Stranger Things Pop-up in Seoul, Korea

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