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ShotShell Shot Glass

Shotgunning a drink is now a reality. Grab your ShotShell ($70) shot glass and fill it with your poison.

Family video in Ensenada Mexico

This is just one video I’m editing together from my trip to Mexico with my family. I had such a great time on the cruise. Hopefully I’ll be able to experience a similar trip with friends. I’m sure the result will be much different!

Bamboo iPhone 4 cases by Grove

A Portland, Oregon company called Grove has created some amazing bamboo cases for the iPhone. They come in plain bamboo or for a little more money you can get an artist edition

Cielo love seat from CB2

As some of you may know I’ve moved recently. Still in the heart of LA but many things went with my move. I was in much need of a couch for my new place. Of course had to get something stylish and sexy. Where else to look then CB2?

Salesman Pete

Look out Ren & Stimpy! This 3D animation doesn’t have the dirty humor Ren & Stimpy had but it’s style reflects it. It’s a beautifully put together short. The style, animation, music, and vfx are spot on. I’m sure the creators will have no trouble working for a place like Pixar.

Joaquin Phoenix Apologizes to David Letterman

While filming his top secret documentary movie, I’m Still Here, Joaquin Phoenix messed with a lot of people. One of the notable people he screwed with was David Letterman. This isn’t a guy you’d want to mess with.