Live a Green Lifestyle With REPREVE Products #TurnItGreen

Did you know that in the U.S. plastic bottle recycling is less than 30 percent? That means less than one-third of plastic bottles are being recycled. The good news is we have plenty of room to improve these numbers by supporting companies like REPREVE.

REPREVE is on a mission to get the word out: Just recycle more. By simply making yourself aware and purchasing products made with REPREVE, you’re one step closer to a green lifestyle. There are loads of companies using REPREVE in their products like Volcom, Patagonia, North Face, and more.

#TurnItGreen X Games Contest (Jan. 1-31)

In celebration of the X Games, REPREVE invites you to share how you “turn it green” by living a sustainable life or recycling and reusing materials. Share your video on Twitter, Instagram or Vine including the #TurnItGreen hashtag.

By simply sharing your video you’re automatically entered into a sweepstakes where five entries will be randomly selected as the top five. Those five will then be voted on by visitors to where the video with the most votes will win a $5,000 cash prize. The other four video entries will receive a REPREVE jacket and a GoPro camera.

Here’s the Vine I created for the #TurnItGreen competition.

Big thanks to REPREVE for sponsoring today’s post and encouraging us to #TurnItGreen

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