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Sharpie Pen

You’d think something like this would have been developed ages ago. Sharpie’s Pen is perfect for sketchbook doodles, labeling, or for whatever your heart desires.

Steve McQueen Special Edition Persols

The man, the myth, the legend! Persol recently released a special edition line in memory of the legend Steve McQueen. He was best known for “The Great Escape” and “Magnificent Seven”.

Hipstamatic Review

Hipstamatic ($1.99) has to be one of the best camera add-ons for your iPhone or new iPod Touch. The amount of features this app packs is amazing!

Nixon: The Rubber Re-Run

Nixon, the King of watches, has just came out with their new line. It’s called Rubber Re-Run ($90) and they look awesome. With a little pop-modernism and toy like design, this watch is ready for anything.

Fight Club Soap

Are you dirty like Tyler Durdin? Get clean like him. Buy some Fight Club Soap ($25/2 pack).

Ari Marcopoulos Camera Bag

Incase partnered up with photographer Ari Marcopoulos to create a camera bag with style. They left nothing out when designing this bag.

WeWood Watches

Such a cool design. WeWood watches are made of, well, wood! Go figure right? The designs are pretty amazing and at a decent price for a watch ($119).

High Five Etiquette

Next time you’re out and see a friend, make sure to show proper High Five Etiquette! I personally enjoy the faker move.

16 Year Old Internet addict beaten to death at boot camp

Parents in China DO NOT like their kids growing up addicted to the internet or the computer in general. They pay thousands of dollars to send them away to boot camp for some discipline. Unfortunately one 16 year old got more than discipline.