Male fashion is often a very heated debate because most male influencers make dogmatic views. There will be that one bunch of people that believe that men must only wear certain pieces of clothing in certain colors. Many believe that what a man can wear can be put in a book that should be followed as a religion. However, men should have the freedom to wear what they want to wear, not what others tell them.

This is one of the main problems with toxic masculinity and that is the many restrictions men are facing. Not the ones that some conservative influencers are talking about, but the restriction of emotions in men. One of the best ways people can express themselves is by how they look, and this is a freedom that men should experience. With these 8 pieces of clothing, you will be able to express yourself the way you want to.

1. Clothing you like

The number one thing that you should have is clothing that you enjoy, not someone else. You buy clothes because you like them, it is your style and you are the one who dictates it. It is very important to have items of clothing that you enjoy wearing. If you like wearing men’s patriotic apparel then you should wear it. Look for a style that you feel yourself the most in them

2. Suits

The following pieces of clothing are suggestions if you are feeling up to trying out these items. A suit is very important for formal occasions, but who says you can’t wear a suit every day? If you have the money to do it and you like being fancy, you should get some suits.

The best way you can do this is to have at least three matching pairs of pants and suit jackets. Once you have these three, you will be able to make many combinations with only 5 shirts. It is best to have shoes that match the color of your belt and tie if you want to nail this look.

3. Shirts

If you want to be fancy but don’t want to go overboard, just having some nice shirts will do the trick. You should pick some colored shirts for the best outcome and you do not want any logos on your shirts.

If you want a more retro look, you can always go for some printed shirts or different textured shirts. A silky black or purple shirt will make you wonder if you want to rock this look. Also, do not be afraid to wear a shirt that is completely buttoned to your neck.

4. T-shirts

Everyone already has T-shirts, but you want T-shirts that make you comfortable. If you like a T-shirt with a crewcut, then wear that one. If you like a T-shirt with a V-neck, wear it to your liking.

One mistake that people come across with T-shirts is that they wear shirts with random things on them. Not random as in cats on a taco in space, but some random numbers and random logos on it. Those T-shirts are ugly and make you look like you do not care about how you dress.

5. Tank tops

Tank tops are very interesting pieces of clothing for men. Usually, men wear them only to the gym or if they are super buffed. However, you should not be afraid to wear a tank top if you want to wear one.

They are extremely comfy during the summer and there are many ways you can wear them. Printed tank tops are especially good if you want a more retro look. Select tank tops that are within your boundaries of showing skin.

6. Tracksuit

Tracksuits usually have the reputation of being for jocks, mafia, or Slavic people. Even though a tracksuit is bound to give you the 90s rave look, if you like it, go for it. A tracksuit is also very comfy if you are looking into wearing something lighter. A tracksuit will go especially hard if you have some nice sneakers to back up the look.

7. Shoes

Shoes and sneakers are an important part of every look. However, these new generations hype sneakers and shoes way too much. For example, Jordans are not as special as many young people like to believe. These sneakers can be quite ugly and they can tip off your entire look to go down. Wear shoes that match your entire look and make them coherent, not the ones that other people want you to wear.

8. Accessories

Accessories are important in making your look even more unique. The most common accessory for men is a watch and many deem it as a central piece. However, if you do not like watches, which is normal, you should not wear a watch, you can get other accessories. Bracelets and necklaces are amazing accessories you should let those ideas sink in.

Earrings have become quite an acceptable accessory for men and you can try them out. Glasses can elevate every look and make your look quite unique. Do not be afraid to try out wearing rings or painting your nails. Accessories are something you should embrace so find some that truly speak to you.

As you can see, these items are not necessarily a must, if you do not want them. These are suggestions that become a must if you are interested in wearing them. It may be hard at first to start wearing what you actually like, especially if you live in a space with closed minds. This is where many other discourses arise concerning toxic masculinity, the limitations imposed on men by other men, not women.

If a man restricts you from wearing something you like because of their beliefs, you should know one thing. That guy probably has some very deep issues of his own or he just does not know any better. They impose those restrictions because they make them feel safe, they do not want to reveal their own feelings. You may not be able to oppose them in some situations, but you should never let your emotions fade away, always express them.