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Mick Fanning Shark Attack at 2015 J-Bay Open

Mick Fanning Attacked By Shark at J-Bay Open

It was just another ordinary day in the water for Mick Fanning, that is until a great white shark decided to attack him. Mick Fanning along with Julian Wilson were in the final heat of the 2015 J-Bay Open when the unexpected shark came up for what looked like some Fanning meat.

Givenchy Shark tee

Givenchy Shark t-shirt

Even the Parisian label Givenchy is into shark week. The clothing company is made famous for their animal motifs, which is perfect for rocking with layered outfits.

Featured Artist: Shark Toof

L.A. Street Artist Shark Toof is a force to be reckoned with.. well at least his art is. What better way to represent Shark Week then with an amazing artist who tags the streets with sharks? See more images after the jump…

The Nom Nom Shark

Shark week is in full effect! What better way to celebrate the magnificence world of sharks than with a shark meme? The Nom Nom Shark has started the week off right with their OVERLY gruesome photos they’ve been posting on Facebook. Read more after the jump…