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Star Wars

Original Star Wars Trilogy Matte Paintings
Art & Design

Original ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Matte Paintings

Generation after generation, families continue to pass down the magic of Star Wars by sharing The Force, lightsabers, and all of its legendary characters with their young ones.
Hot.kenobi Batman and Superman crushing cans

This Action Figure Instagram is Epic to Say the Least

These photos by Japanese photographer Hot.kenobi take playing with action figures to a whole new level. It’s hard to know where to start when describing the collection, but “awesome” and/or “hilarious” definitely feel accurate.
Star Wars Lightsaber Wall Hooks

Star Wars Lightsaber Wall Hooks

Every Jedi and Sith should have these Star Wars Lightsaber Wall Hooks from ThinkGeek. Each 2-pack is officially licensed Star Wars merchandise and comes with a Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader hook.
SNL: Star Wars Toy Commercial

SNL: Star Wars Toy Commercial

Saturday Night Live just created the most honest Star Wars commercial you will ever see. They poke fun at how toys are advertised to kids but in reality are bought by the adult kids who just want to collect them.
GTA V Lightsaber Battle

Watch this GTA V Lightsaber Battle

I wasn't aware GTA V received a lightsaber mod, but I want it! YouTuber Boris the Blade spent a month and a half doing all of the effects in Adobe After Effects to create this killer battle between Darth Trevor and Michael Kenobi.
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