Since 2009, the Premium Economy cabins on Air France have provided close to 3 million customers a more comfortable way of traveling. Whether it be for business or pleasure, it has allowed an affordable upgrade without breaking the bank. With quality and comfort in mind, Air France is continuing their efforts to provide even more to their Premium Economy class customers by way of food, entertainment, and overall, memorable experiences.

Recently I had the pleasure of flying Air France to test their Premium Economy against their Economy class, and I must say I was shocked. I’ve flown Business and First Class to France before and remember thinking that I would never fly anything less ever again. It’s hard to sacrifice your comfort on such a long flight, but perhaps Premium Economy is the answer.

In Premium Economy you’re placed in a separate cabin, similar to how business and first class are separated from the rest. The seats offer 40% more space than the economy class giving you more room to stretch out and relax. Each seat is equipped with a winged headrest and an adjustable footrest. You’re not able to lay out completely, but the footrest is a nice edition to help you get comfortable.

Premium Economy Cabin on Air France

Premium Economy: More Room to Stretch Out and Relax

Air France Footrest on Premium Economy

If you’re anything like me you don’t sleep much on a plane due to the excitement of travel. So that leaves you with needing entertainment and food to occupy your time. Air France is keen on making the food and entertainment portion of the flight one you’ll never forget.

For entertainment they upgraded the screens to bigger, better HD displays. I had the chance to try one of their older units and can tell you that the new ones have a much better touch-response and clarity to them.

Air France Premium Economy New HD Displays

For food, Air France partners with Michelin starred chefs to design menus that celebrate French gastronomic traditions. While spending 48-Hours in Paris, I had the pleasure of eating at La Dame de Pic, Anne Sophie Pic’s restaurant, who currently designs Air France’s Business Class menus. This is just one example of the airline’s dedication to giving customers delicious French cuisine while in the sky.

Premium Economy Features on Air France

A few other items worth mentioning are what some might consider the “little things.” Like how when you first enter the cabin you’re greeted by a light-filled room that feels elegant and welcoming. New cushions featuring various designs spread throughout the cabin from seat to seat. A fleece blanket, headphones, refreshing towelette and eye-mask waiting for you. And of course, what some might consider the most important feature on long flights, sockets with USB connectivity.

Air France Pillows

Premium Economy Bags in Air France

Airplane Outlets

All-in-all, I would say Air France Premium Economy is well worth the upgrade on your next trip to France, or wherever you may end up. Visit to learn more about how the airline is bettering travel for their customers now and into the future.