What would you do if you looked in the mirror and saw your former self? I’m talking, your baby-self. Add being Spider-Man to the scenario and you get The Amazing Baby & Me 2 video from Evian. This isn’t the first time Evian has used dancing or a baby in one of their commercials — however it is their first time using the amazing Spider-Man.

While webbing from building to building, Spidey finds his inner-youth through a reflection on a building. After realizing it is indeed his reflection, and not some super villain trying to take over the city, a dance-off ensues, and it’s amazing. The Amazing Baby & Me 2 video was created in partnership with Evian’s Drink Pure and Natural campaign and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that is due out in theaters on May 2, 2014.

Evian - Baby & Me 2

If you haven’t checked out Evian’s first Baby & Me video, I would highly recommend it. The original features a whole ensemble dancing with their baby selves on the streets of what looks like New York. You can check out their entire baby commercial lineup on their YouTube channel aptly named EvianBabies. It’s quite amazing!

The video was directed by Tomas Skoging and features the song Here Comes the Hotstepper, remixed by Yuksek — with music supervision by BETC MUSIC. Skoging has directed for many high profile clients including EA, Nike, and ESPN, so naturally Evian would scoop him up for this epic collaboration with Sony for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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