JAY Z’s Life+Times recently released a new video profile on the life and collection of Jan Krugier, a legendary Pablo Picasso art dealer. His rare collection of 160 works spans five centuries, including Surrealist and German Expressionist pieces, and is being showcased at Christie’s in Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan before being auctioned off. The feature looks into Krugier’s past, losing his family during World War II, escaping from several concentration camps and eventually venturing into the art world. The video gives insight into Picasso and Krugier’s relationship, as well as some of the Picasso pieces from Krugier’s personal collection that have never been available to the public prior to this showing at Christie’s.

“I want to share my secret with people all over the world, so they can be touched by something heroic, sublime, outside time. I have experienced the most monstrous aspects of humanity, and I believe that only beauty can save the world.” – Jan Krugier