What Fashion Lovers Need To Know About Living In London

A melting pot of eclectic style and up-to-date trends, London is a fashion lover’s dream. With its mix of chic couture boutiques, high street stores, vintage thrift markets, and more, it’s obvious that one of the first things that visitors to the UK capital notice is the fashion. London really is a hub of style – it’s the host of the world-famous London Fashion Week and boasts lots of high-quality home-grown designers, such as Mary Quant and Vivienne Westwood. But while the bright lights of city life might be tempting for all fashionistas, it’s worth knowing a few things before deciding to live there. So here are some things to consider if you’re a fashion lover living in London.

Storage space

Unless you’re a member of the Royal Family, the chances are that if you live in London and you love your fashion, you’ll wish you had more wardrobe space to store it in. As one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in, it’s no surprise that many people flat-share. As living space is limited, you need to really think about what to keep in your home. That can be a real drag, especially when you’re living near so many tempting shops. Thankfully, you can feed your fashion fix while living in London by looking at various storage options. Secure units like Safestore London are ideal if you want to keep your spring/summer wardrobe in storage during the autumn/winter and vice versa. They’re also perfect if you’re getting married and you need somewhere safe and clean to keep your wedding dress until your big day.

Get a capsule

Now you’ve sorted your storage issues, there’s nothing stopping you buying that one obscure fashion accessory that you’ll only wear occasionally. However, to make living in London a bit easier (and allow you space to buy even more shoes) you might want to consider investing in a capsule wardrobe. Not only is this more sustainable for the planet but having a wardrobe containing only the basic fashion essentials is functional as well as practical. It’s also easier to accessorise.

Dress for the weather

It’s not unusual in the UK to experience what seems like several seasons in one day. You leave the house in the morning and it’s chucking it down with rain; you arrive at work to find the sun splitting the skies; then when you leave at half five, you’re hit with the most bitter, piercing wind imaginable. While this might seem exciting at first, it’s not so fun when you like to plan your wardrobe. So how on earth do dress to cover all weathers? When it comes to everyday fashion on one of those temperamental days, layering is your best friend. A cosy jumper under a winter coat can be taken off to reveal a more summer-friendly outfit underneath. Accessories, such as hats and gloves, can also be removed if needed, and put back on again when the weather inevitably changes.

Look closer

Sure, London is famous for its high-end design houses, but remember that it’s also known for its quirky, more unique fashions. With its cultural diversity and flair for nurturing upcoming design talent, there are loads of places in London where you can find those styles that no one else is wearing yet. Areas like Camden and Shoreditch are rich in vintage boutiques, street stalls, local and ethnic crafts, and other fabulous fashion treasures, so why not be the first to step out in a new style?

London is the essence of chic glamour and high-end style. Hopefully these tips will help all its fashion-savvy inhabitants.

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