Blue light glasses from Pixel Eyewear
Wearing the whiskey tortoise Capra glasses from Pixel Eyewear

Battling blue light is easier than you think. Read on!

I spend an exorbitant about of time in front of a screen, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the fact that I’m able to do my job hidden behind a computer screen and my phone. Most recently, I’ve taken on even more screen time as I’ve become more serious with streaming on DLive. The six-plus hours I spend at a computer has my eyes feeling tired and strained by the end of the day. I’ve been looking for a solution for this for quite some time now since I have zero plans of slowing down, which is how I discovered blue light and its effect on my eyes.

What is Blue Light?

So what exactly is blue light? Think of it as a light that is emitted by screens that reach deep into your eye and over time can cause damage to your retina. Having prolonged exposure to blue light will result in eye fatigue, migraines, dry eyes, and overall eyestrain. All of which I’ve started experiencing myself over the last few months.

Blue Light Protection

It’s clear now why you should want to wear something that protects you from blue light. There’s no denying the amount of time we spend on a device, so what exactly is the solution? Enter Pixel Eyewear, glasses that will protect you from blue light while also providing fashion-forward frames.

As I write this post, Pixel Eyewear has 16 unisex (non-rx), 12 prescription (rx), five reading, and nine kids glasses that are engineered to protect your eyes from blue light. Each pair of Pixel glasses feature handcrafted frames, premium anti-reflective coating, and surgical grade protection that blocks 95% of the most reliable blue light wavelengths. Additionally, their glasses are made for the following:

  • Reduce computer glare
  • Ease symptoms of eye strain
  • Block damaging blue light
  • Resist scratches and smudges
  • Repel dust and water
  • Block 100% UV light
  • Reduce color and image distortion

I’ve been very happy with my Pixel Capra glasses thus far. I find myself getting less tired and overall have better vision and less strain. I use them all day long and can genuinely feel my overall health get better. As I previously stated, there are absolutely no plans of me slowing down my screen consumption, so blue light glasses were an absolute must. I’m just happy that Pixel Eyewear has been able to produce such attractive looking glasses I actually enjoy wearing.