If you have found yourself wanting to create a website in the last decade, then chances are you have heard of Wix. They are the global leader in website creation and for good reason. Their platform makes it easy to use, whether you’re a veteran at making websites or a complete novice. There are many things that set them apart from their competitors, one of which is how they are constantly innovating. Take their latest launch for example.

Wix Madefor

Wix Madefor Typeface

Wix Madefor is the brand’s first custom digital typeface. Designed by Wix’s in-house studio and type foundry Dalton Maag. Their mission was to create a versatile typeface that would replace the legacy typeface on all of the company’s products and services.

“At Wix, we take a lot of pride in our in-house multidisciplinary design studio, and we noticed the brand was missing a critical element of design, a custom and easily-recognizable typeface. We set out to create a bespoke typeface that was distinguishable and represented our brand values. Most importantly, the typeface needed to work well online, maintain its character when scaled across large displays, and support legibility across user interfaces and long-form text. And of course, it needed to be beautiful! We believe we’ve created exactly that with MadeFor.”

– Hagit Kaufman, Wix VP of Design and Brand

The MadeFor final typeface includes three display weights and three text weights, with each style available in regular, bold, and extra bold. Each of the text weights also comes with a matching italic style. The typeface balances modernity and tradition, giving the brand a fresh tone of voice that will stand the test of time.

Wix Madefor Launch Videos

Watch the two custom videos the internal Wix team put together to celebrate the launch of Madefor below.

After you’re done checking out the Madefor videos, take a look at another Wix project I was lucky enough to see come together live last year for their ‘Up For Anything‘ campaign.