Civilware Pointing Knife

Civilware Pointing Folding Knife

Civilware’s new Pointer Folding Knife was inspired by some of the first folding knives ever produced. Its a lightweight, non-locking pocket knife perfect for everyday chores.

Straight-Hold Hatchet by Best Made Company

The Straight-Hold Hatchet

Whether you’re clearing brush, splitting kindling or chopping down small trees, the Straight-Hold Hatchet has you covered.

HAVOC 30 Backpack

HAVOC 30 Backpack

The HAVOC 30 Backpack was built for the man that always needs to lug their tactical gear, whether it be on-duty, at the range, or on a day hike.

Stanley Gear

Creating New Traditions With Stanley Gear

You might find that as you get older it becomes harder to create traditions with those that you love. Maybe it’s because life gets in the way, or the timing just isn’t right, whatever the reason may be, let’s not allow it to get in the way of creating new traditions.