adidas Drops Washable Face Masks

adidas is another big brand doing its part to help battle the Coronavirus (COVID-19). They recently released a washable face mask that will help in preventing the spread of the infectious virus.

adidas makes a point to clarify these masks are not medically graded nor a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), but nevertheless, will work great for those practicing proper social distancing while at the grocery store or afternoon walks.

adidas washable face masks

Wash. Dry. Reuse. I love that adidas made their masks easy to wash. Most people using masks are either throwing theirs away because they’re disposable or reusing dirty masks without ever attempting to wash them. They get funky, gross, and are likely infected if not properly cared for.

The soft and breathable adidas masks are made with layers of recycled polyester and elastane, with stretchable ear straps for a secure and comfortable fit. Each pack comes with three tonal black masks featuring the white adidas logo stamp on the lower left and the words “WASH.DRY.REUSE” on the inside.

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