Ray-Ban Clubround

The Ray-Ban Clubround is the Clubmaster’s New Brother

My favorite pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned was the Ray-Ban Clubmaster. They were tragically lost onboard a catamaran while in Negril, Jamaica. Ever since I lost them I haven’t found another pair of sunglasses worthy of protecting my eyes, that is until Ray-Ban unveiled the Clubround; Clubmaster’s little brother.

Timex x Red Wing Waterbury Watch Collection

Timex x Red Wing Waterbury Watch Collection

You might remember the Timex Waterbury watch collection that was released earlier this year. It was in celebration of Timex’s 150+ years creating some of the most durable, upgradeable and affordable watches on the market.

Chrome Industries Woven Work Shirt

Chrome Industries Woven Work Shirt

A work shirt is made to last countless hours on the job, with very little focus on style. Fortunately for us, the Chrome Industries Woven Work Shirt is a perfect blend of fashion and function.

G-Shock G-Steel Collection

G-SHOCK G-STEEL Collection

G-Steel is G-Shock’s brand new range of 6 premium timepieces created under the concept of “layered toughness”.

McMacular Silk Lined Pants

McMacular Silk Lined and Handcrafted Pants

It’s hard to accept that the warm weather of summer will soon be behind us. But with that, us guys have to start thinking about clothing to keep us warm, and I’m not just talking about sweaters and jackets.