NikeiD Prime Fleece Collection

NIKEiD Prime Fleece Collection

NIKEiD is launching three classic footwear styles designed using a special fleece fabric. The fabric will be made available in a poly fleece option and an engineered Prime Fleece.

NYC Skyline Dress Socks by Balitello

Wear the NYC Skyline On Your Feet

Dress socks don’t have to be boring. In fact, they should make your outfit pop. Balitello has created a line of performance dress socks that will do just that. Their Empire State sock features Navy and Carolina Blue colors..

The Pendulum Collection, Apple Watch Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch and Pendant Accessories for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch in itself is a masterpiece. Compared to some of the other smartwatches on the market, its design is second to none. That’s why it comes at no surprise companies are scrambling to make some beautiful 3rd party accesories to go with it.

Lift Kits - Gain Height with these shoe lifts

Lift Kits Give You Some Height

Ever wish you were just a little bit taller? I know I do. Let me introduce you to Lift Kits, the simple, yet effective insert that will help you regain confidence by adding up to 2 inches in height.

Shore Projects Gift Box

Shore Projects Gift Box

Shore Projects is a watch brand started by a group of friends looking to create a timeless product that looks great and won’t break the bank. With fourteen watch face styles and twenty-four straps, customization feels almost endless.