Minibar Delivery App

Drinks Right to Your Home with Minibar Delivery App

Finally something like this exists! If you have a long commute home and aren’t sure if you have that drink at home to unwind to, download the Minibar Delivery App which will deliver your alcohol to your home in 60 minutes or less.

Up Coffee App by Jawbone

UP Coffee by Jawbone

If you’re on your third to fifth cup of coffee, you might want to figure out what all that caffeine might be doing to your body. The new Up Coffee app (FREE) by Jawbone helps track your caffeine intake whether through coffee, tea, energy drinks, whatever you may use to boost up your energy and attention levels.

Bacon Scented Alarm Clock

Bacon Scented iPhone Alarm Clock

Remember waking up as a kid and smelling your mom’s cooking down stairs? The smell and crackling sound of bacon had all of us meatlovers sprinting to the kitchen. “Wake Up & Smell The Bacon” is a new gadget created by Oscar Mayer, and it works seamlessly with your iPhone’s alarm clock.

HUVr Board Fake

The HUVr Board is Fake, but You’ll Wish it Wasn’t

Growing up watching Back to the Future II, all us boys wanted to be Marty McFly. Not just because Michael J. Fox was a cool dude, but because he got to ride that sweet Hover Board. The folks at HUVr put out a video this week demonstrating their board in action.

Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch

Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch

If you’re thinking about jumping on the smartwatch train with major companies, be sure to keep this one on your radar. The Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch, besides having a stylish face applicable for a formal or casual outfit, has features like a 1 GHz dual-core processor…

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay

Since I first owned an iPhone, I knew that I would want it to integrate into my car, outside of the usual 3rd party plugins and cables. Finally Apple has announced CarPlay, a built-in iOS coming to new cars in 2014.

360Fly Camera

360Fly Camera

The 360Fly Camera is making it easy to capture the world around you by taking away the restrictions of traditional cameras.

The Dash - Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones

The Dash – Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones

So you’re at the gym or on a daily run listening to music using your regular headphones, why not step it up and get a smarter pair of headphones? The Dash Wireless Smart Headphones ($199+ USD) will no doubt change the way you work out.

AeroSkull HD Speaker

AeroSkull HD Speaker

Don’t get freaked out, I swear this is awesome. A totally different speaker that doubles as a design piece for your home comes from Jarre Technologies based in Berlin.