Jurassic World is breaking box office records proving that dinosaurs are still cool. And thank the Hollywood Gods for that, because if I see another half-ass zombie or vampire film I’m going to lose it.

Putting movie magic aside, and what seems like an endless supply of money to do whatever — how much would Jurassic Park actually cost to build? MovieClips created this video answering that very question and figured out what it might cost to own the epic dinosaur theme park and broke it down piece by piece. They even hashed out what the legal team’s costs might look like. I can’t even begin to imagine the type of insurance policy you would have to take out for a place like Jurassic World.

So what is the magic number that MovieClips has come up with for the cost to build and maintain Jurassic Park? A grand total of $23,432,400,000 with annual costs up to $11,907,000,000. Watch the video to see how they came to that astronomical number.