Columbia Crest – #CrowdsourcedCab (Recap)

Over the last 15-weeks, Columbia Crest used the power of Crowdsourcing to develop their forthcoming blend, #CrowdsourcedCab — the world’s first crowdsourced wine. The voting has come to an end and thanks to their fans participation, they have a unique wine underway.

How the Crowdsourcing Worked

Each week, Columbia Crest fans were invited to vote on the next step in the wine making process via As an example, in week 7 users had the option to choose which fermenter would be used to ferment the wine: concrete, stainless, conical, or oak. In the end, fans voted for the oak fermenter. Voting went on for a total of 15-weeks.

Crowdsourced Cabernet Voting Results

Chatting With Columbia Crest’s Head Winermaker

A few weeks back I interviewed head winemaker of Columbia Crest, Juan Muñoz-Oca. I wanted to learn how his involvement in making the wine changed since most decisions were made through crowdsourcing. Read Juan’s interview here.

What’s the biggest mistake a winemaker could make?
Not spend enough time getting to know the grapes before they become wine.

Juan Muñoz-Oca Talking Wine

Using Oak as the Fermenter

Watch the video below to see why Juan is happy that oak was selected as the fermenter for #CrowdsourcedCab.

Why Barrel Aging is Important

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