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Pacman Nails

DIY Pacman Nails by cbm104. They even show you the step by step process of how to make your own.

Tokyoflash Watch: Kisai Satellite

Another concept to come out of the Tokyoflash design blog to a real buyable product. This USB rechargeable watch has a matte finish that gives the screen the perfect contrast and clarity.

Racist Coffee

Having racist coffee is never good. Don’t let it come between you and your colored friend!

RottenFresh Collective

RottenFresh Collective was spawned in 2008 by the creative duo Jonathan Wilkinson & Christian Orsted. Just recently they re-launched their website and new branding in October 2010.

Qrapping Paper

Wrapping presents in this paper will sure to bring joy to anyone with a smartphone. QRapping Paper comes with 2 sheets and has over 50 holiday videos you can scan with your phone and watch.

London Undercover and Tenue de Nîmes

London Undercover has been out for only 2 years and has made a huge impact in the design world. With designer Jamie Milestone spear heading the umbrellas with the help of Dutch denim shop Tenue de Nîmes, both have proven that their sole goal is to make premium products.

Become a DJ with Djay

It no longer takes 2 turn-tables and a microphone to become a DJ. Gear up with an iPad, the app Djay ($20), and you’ll be mixing in no time.