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Gerber Epic Knife

If I was stuck in the woods and only had one thing I’d want the Gerber Epic Knife ($30). The knife has some pretty awesome features. Typically everything you’d need if you were stranded. Nylon handle, serrated edge, a blunt tip, bottle opener, stainless steel blade, and a locking sheath that gives you the flexibility to carry it on either your left or right.

Billboard made of Bees

The worlds first billboard ad made of bees. This is causing quite the stir in Devon. 100,000 bees make up the message saying S.O.S (Save Our Swarm).

Wendy McColm’s Demo Reel

While browsing the spider web of videos YouTube has to offer I ran into this charming actress Wendy McColm. This girl is hilarious and has some great stuff on her channel. Since I enjoyed her videos so much I posted her demo reel below. Pretty cool stuff.

FLUD for iPad

I’m a news fanatic like most of my friends. Unfortunately the one thing I lack is the love for RSS readers. Yes I understand that most people would say I’m not a true Social Media freak if I don’t use RSS and all that it offers. However, it’s only because I simply enjoy the visual element and usually RSS strips that away.

Cadbury Flake Commercial

Cadbury should go into making commercials full time or at least partner up with whomever is making them for them. I know many would ask what does this have to do with chocolate? That doesn’t even come as a question for me. The beauty and quality of all their commercials supersede even asking what were they thinking.

Dry-Erase Board Paint

ver want to take to your wall when you’re feeling creative and draw a masterpiece? Now you can sucka! Great for kids, ideas, or the young at heart that wants to doodle all over their creative space.

Sperry wool boat shoe

This isn’t your ordinary boat shoe. Sperry created an urban style shoe out of their classic design. The results are sick. Can’t wait to get my feet in them.

Ever seen a birdhouse for a bat?

Everyone has seen a birdhouse. Usually contains seed for the flying rat to stop and have a bite to eat. However, I can probably safely say you’ve never seen a bat house!

Make your own Mass Effect M8 Assault Rifle

This is rad. Volpin Props shows you how to create your own Mass Effect M8 Assault Rifle.

They really go in depth with pictures and written instructions. What an awesome way to share their knowledge. The tutorial looks sweet. If I have any time I might give it a try. Maybe I can make my props before Halloween this year!