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Uncharted 3 Game-Play

The much anticipated, Uncharted 3 is starting to look even cooler with this 5 minute gameplay video.

VoicePrints Art

Your “I Love Yous”, wedding vows, and babies first words can now be captured as art.

Artifact Bag Co. Lunch Tote

Artifact Bag Co. is known for their handmade American product. They have taken brown bag lunch literal with this new handmade masterpiece, the Lunch Tote

Omega Headphone Stands

Receiving those Dr. Dre Beats from Santa must have been a nice surprise but how do you go about displaying the beautiful headset? Omega Headphone stands

Cedar Rapids Trailer

Ed Helm’s plays an insurance agent whom hasn’t quite grownup. He gets sent to Cedar Rapids where he meets John C. Reilly and Anne Heche at the convention.