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Tumi 35th Anniversary Collection

Tumi is going back to basics with their 35th Anniversary Collection ($300-$800). The collection comes in their Sienna color with a few options in Black. I’m really digging the distressed leather.

This is how Michael Caine Speaks

This has to be the best Michael Caine impersonation I have ever heard. Then again I don’t think I’ve actually heard an impersonation of Michael Caine before but you have to admit this would be the best.

50 Cent’s Lamborghini Safe

This is rediculous. 50 Cent shows off what he does with his money. Puts 2 million dollars into his Lamborghini. Must be nice, man.

Jack Spade Cork Wallet

Two new accessories for this winter season by Jack Spade. Cork isn’t used just for push pins in your office anymore. This sleek design comes water-resistant for both the card holder and bi-fold wallets.

Sam Adams Infinium Beer

This holiday season, even the manliest of men can pop bottles. Sam Adams Infinium beer ($20) is worth checking out when strolling down the beer isle. Don’t get it confused with Moët or Cristal, this is beer!

Cristian Zuzunaga’s Pixel Furniture

London-based Spanish designer, Cristian Zuzunaga is working on some amazing pixel furniture. He started working on these designs 2 years ago and now they’re coming to fruition.

Love when mom visits!

Just a little vloggity talking about some important things. You know, like when moms visit their kids and such. Enjoy!