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How Facebook got Betty White to host SNL

With the help of Facebook and countless Betty White fans they were able to get her to host Saturday Night Live. This was an amazing accomplishment and really proved the power of Facebook.

Interpol: Lights

Finally breaking the silence, this 4 piece band releases on their website a glimpse of what we should expect on their 4th album. There have been opposing points of views coming from the band. Sam Fogarino, drummer, mentions that they will be revisiting their debut album. On the other hand, lead vocalist Paul Banks, says that it will not sound anything like their debut album and that there is some very “classical stuff going on” with it. Now we have a sample to judge for ourselves.

The XX

This band flies all the way from Wandsworth, South West London, England. They formed in 2005 and in recent days they have been causing an infection that even Coachella could not resist. If you are the type of person that likes to judge based on look and try to categorize on that, you are in for a big surprise.

Skynet Symphonic by POGO

Another great piece by POGO using the classic film Terminator 2. Check him out at