Lansky Fireman’s Battle Axe

When Lansky designed the Fireman’s Battle Axe ($54 USD), they worked closely with a number of Professional Firefighters; all the way from concept to its final production. The idea was to create a multi-purpose tool for Volunteer Firefighters and Professionals that would be an extension of themselves.

At first glance you might think the battle axe, is well, just an axe. But it’s so much more than that. Like how the handle is insulated up to 10,000 volts, and the plus sign cutout in the middle is not just for looks, but a gas valve wrench. There’s even a hose wrench where the shoulder meets the blade at the bottom. And no, I’m not done. How could I forget the impact tool, pry bar and its 5″ blade?

The Lansky Fireman’s Battle Axe is really ideal for anyone, not just someone who deals in rescue situations each day. I know I’ll be picking one up.

Additional Lansky Battle Axe Specs:

  • Pry Bar-Beveled On One Side Only From Top Of Axe To Tip Of Impact Tool For Greater Strength
  • Features Include Impact Tool, Hose Wrench, And Gas Valve Wrench
  • Non-Slip Handle Insulated To 10,000 Volts
  • Load Bearing Up To 600 Pounds
  • 1075 Tool Steel Construction, And Leather Sheath Included

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