Australia is not only home to kangaroos and upside-down earth memes. This place every year more and more attracts tourists and world celebrities. If you do not know what to do in Australia and have not yet chosen the place you want to visit, then this article will answer all the important questions.

We have chosen 3 main cities that are definitely worth a visit if you want to visit Australia, but you only have 7 days: Melbourne, Sydney, and Cairns.

Melbourne – Busy Metropolis and Tourist’s Paradise

Let’s start with the ideal place for an active and reckless trip. Besides the sports capital, Melbourne is also the center of gambling culture and casinos, so if you want to test your intuition or just spin the slots, this is the perfect place. But we recommend that you warm up at the IgnitionPoker live casino before starting your trip because players of different levels come to Melbourne. Still, they all crave victories and big wins.

Melbourne is also a place for carnivals, cultural events, or other world or national celebrations. The city has various establishments such as casinos, tennis courts, parks with giant chess, and even a Formula 1 track. So if you want to go on a trip and you like the active atmosphere of the city, then Melbourne is ideal.

But Australia wouldn’t be Australia without the Penguin Parade, which takes place in Melbourne. The friendly parade of little penguins is a unique event found in Melbourne. Do not worry that this will somehow hurt small animals. Spectators are located in special zones so as not to harm the animals in any way. Since the parade takes place in the evening, it will be the perfect end of the day after active walks, gambling, or gastro tours of the city.

Sydney – Australia’s Biggest City

An ancient “green” city that perfectly combines Australia’s history, culture, and mentality with progressive technologies. It is not surprising that at the mention of Australia, the image of Seat immediately comes to mind, along with the opera house and the harbor.

Why green? To be precise, emerald. This color was assigned to Sydney by playwright David Williamson in one of his masterpieces called “Emerald City.” The play’s hero admires green plants, leaves, and trees, which turn into emerald jewels under the rays of the sun and rain. Before the trip, you can watch a movie with Nicole Kidman, which has the same title as the play, to get to know Sydney. But it’s better to do it after because the first impressions should be based on your personal experience and not through the prism of the film’s camera.

Thanks to logistics and well-designed road networks, everyone can visit all the above places in 7 days. But personally, our advice is that it is best to check out the Opera House from the inside in the first place. In addition to everything, an ideal beach is nearby, enchanting with its golden sand.

Cairns – Tropical Nature Center in Australia

Cairns is a famous center for nature reserves, Great Barrier Reef, parks, and outdoor activities. In addition to all this, around the city, various islands will interest those who have diving experience behind them.

Near the city is a large area of tropical forests, where guided tours are regularly held. This will be a good option in case of bad weather and high waves that interfere with diving. But not everyone likes these tropical places because, as you know, Australia is not just a beautiful territory but also a home for various dangerous insects, reptiles, or wild animals.

Final Thoughts

Seven days are clearly not enough to find out all the beauty of Australia, but impressions will last for several months for those who visit this country for the first time. Sydney or Cairns, you will still be met by friendly Australians who will be happy to help you find your way or share a personal life story. But some residents are tired of the constant waves of guests. The hot weather in Australia lasts almost 300 days, so it’s no surprise that this place is so attractive for chill time.

Melbourne is the choice for those who want to see a modern Australian city with a lot of entertainment and fun.

Sydney is a laid-back city with historic buildings that mean a lot to Australians. An ideal place for those who want to know this country better.

Cairns is what this continent was like long before the advent of man, with small upgrades but still beautiful. But the most interesting thing to do in Cairns is diving. All thanks to the famous Great Barrier Reef. If this type of holiday is for you, do not hesitate to choose Cairns as the place to travel.

But be prepared for the journey ahead of time, so prepare gear suitable for the hot tropical climate.