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#SAVECINCO - Camarena Tequila


Are you aware that this year’s Cinco de Mayo lands on a Monday? I don’t know about you, but I just can’t celebrate such a glorious holiday, trying to enjoy delicious tequila with friends, on a Monday.

Bhut Pepper Mango Hot Sauce

Bhut Pepper Mango Pickle Hot Sauce

Here at Joe’s Daily, we like hot. When Bhut Pepper contacted us to try out their Mango Pickle Hot Sauce, we just couldn’t say no — even if our stomachs and tastebuds were crying.

Captain Morgan April Fools Day Taco Rum

Captain Morgan Taco Rum is April Fools Day Gold

Captain Morgan sent me a bottle of their delicious new White Rum, alongside a not so familiar flavor, Taco Rum. You read that right, TACO-RUM. I had to bite my tongue to post this the day after April Fools Day, because who wants to ruin a good joke?

Go Bacon Jerky

Go Bacon: Portable Bacon Jerky

Having a ready supply of bacon at all times is borderline impossible. There just isn’t an easy way to store your delicious cured meat while on the go, until now.

TOMS Roasting Co.

TOMS Now Sells Coffee, and I’m Ok With That

TOMS use to be known just for their popular shoes that launched CEO Blake Mycoskie’s ‘One for One’ initiative. Then there was TOMS Eyewear that gifted a person vision whether it be through medical treatment or just prescription glasses. Now they launched a whole new beast with their TOMS Roasting Co.