Liquid Toothbrush

The Liquid Toothbrush incorporates the ergonomic needs for your brushing pleasure. Yes, that does sound weird when read out loud, but at least now you have a comfortable grip on your toothbrush.

The Moustache Grower’s Guide

I for one have never looked good in a Moustache. There are so many different ways of wearing the hair under your nose that it becomes too difficult to decide how you want it to look. Thankfully there’s The Moustache Grower’s Guide…

Bacon Toothpaste

Eating bacon is one thing, but brushing your teeth with it? Well maybe not brushing with actual bacon but a flavored toothpaste that is meant to taste like bacon.

Relaxing day at Hair Excitement

What a great way to start my vacation. I was looking to get a massage at the local spa in the Mall of New Hampshire near my mothers house but instead got something better.

Klhip Nail Cutter

This isn’t your standard nail cutter. Klhip ($50) was designed almost the complete opposite of a normal nail clipper. The reverse engineering lets you put pressure over the blade which results in better ergonomics.

Caffeinated Soap

Shower Shock soap is definitely for the programmer type. You know the guy that sits at the computer all day coding his life away trying to create the next Social Network.

Sun Bum’s Ape Face is now a doll

Bigshot Toyworks took Sun Bum’s Ape Face logo and converted it into 16″ tall vinyl toy as well as little 2.5″ key chain versions. Sales for the figurines have been high and a reorder has already been sent to BigShot. Congrats!

Fight Club Soap

Are you dirty like Tyler Durdin? Get clean like him. Buy some Fight Club Soap ($25/2 pack).