Stop trying to make things with your hands, and start making them with your feet. Old Spice has just released a new mobile website where you do just that. It’s called Dream Runner, and it’s live today through May 28.

How Dream Runner Works

It’s actually really simple. Take out your smartphone and load up the Dream Runner website – There, you will be able to choose to plan your run or start running immediately. The idea is to win stuff you want by running the shape of it. After you complete your run, submit it through the mobile site and it will appear in the Dream Runner gallery. Old Spice will pick the best ones for prizing. More than 1,200 prizes will be available, with 3 grand prizes!

See the Dream Runner teaser below:

As you can see from the teaser video, our running hero is not only running to win cool prizes, but he’s also putting Old Spice’s new Hardest Working Collection to the test.

Dream Runner Example Shapes

Lacking a bit of an imagination on what shapes to run? Find an example of some shapes you should try below:

Dream Runner Example Shapes You Should Try

Put Old Spice’s Hardest Working Collection to the test and go win some prizes by using Dream Runner from May 12 – 28.

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