The Giving Keys: Gift Guide

Gift Guide: The Giving Keys

For this holiday season, don’t just buy another pointless gift for the ones you love, buy something that has meaning. I thought what better way to start off the gift guides than with a collection that has a strong, charity-based foundation behind it.

Cadence Raw Denim Collection

Cadence Raw Cycling Denim Collection

Cadence founder Dustin Klein decided it was time to create the Cadence Raw Cycling Denim after years of being a bike messenger and having one too many blowouts.

90:10 Man Hoodies

90:10 Hoodies

Introducing the “Signature” Embroidered Pullover Hoodie from new men’s clothing brand 90:10. Now here is a hoodie that is built to impress!

The Zip Fit Shirt

The Zip Fit Shirt by Teddy Stratford

Would you believe a traffic stop and the Bangkok police could be the influence behind a shirt company that states they have the ‘Best Fitted Shirt on the Planet’?

MR GRAY 2014 Fall/Winter Sock Lookbook

MR GRAY 2014 Fall/Winter Sock Lookbook

Socks are one necessity you should never skimp on. Especially during the more chilly seasons. MR GRAY has released their 2014 Fall/Winter sock lookbook featuring new offerings like Argyle, speckled knits, and Cowichan, while adding a bit of contemporary flare with navajo and camo prints.