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Survival Bracelet by Need Supply Co.

I’m not one to wear too many things around my wrist besides the occasional watch or Project Toasty wrist band. I however, would make an exception for one of these Survival Bracelets from Need Supply Co.

G-Shock x Globe Commercial

Here is a sweet commercial of G-Shock and Globe, rocking their new line together. I love the colab they have done. I’ve always been a sucker for Casio’s G-Shock watches.

Terry Richardson x G-Shock ‘Terry’ Watch

In celebration of his book release titled ‘Mom & Dad’, Terry Richardson teamed up with Parisian store colette and Casio to create a set of Baby-G watches. They come neatly packaged and sport all-over tartan check patterns, similar to what Terry usually wears for shirts.

Nixon 'The Genie' Watch

Nixon ‘The Genie’

Nixon’s newest watch ‘The Genie’ ($120) is simply the coolest watch ever. Not only does it tell time and look sexy, it has a Magic 8-ball feature…

Timex Vintage Field Army Watch

Bringing back a little of the old school with the new, the Timex Vintage Field Army Watch ($150) was created in partnership with J Crew.

Tokyoflash Watch: Kisai Satellite

Another concept to come out of the Tokyoflash design blog to a real buyable product. This USB rechargeable watch has a matte finish that gives the screen the perfect contrast and clarity.

Nixon: The Rubber Re-Run

Nixon, the King of watches, has just came out with their new line. It’s called Rubber Re-Run ($90) and they look awesome. With a little pop-modernism and toy like design, this watch is ready for anything.

Nixon’s Gunship Collection

imilar to our Navy fleet these Nixon watches are made to age perfectly with use. The special finish that was used was designed to wear as you wear them, giving you a sick rugged look. They have 4 in the collection; 51-30 Chrono, The Sentry, The Banks, and The Sporty Player.