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VHS Camcorder App by Rarevision

Turn Your iPhone Into a VHS Camcorder

It may seem odd that someone would want to record a VHS quality video on their smartphone now that we all have 1080p at our fingertips. However, when you have an app like VHS Camcorder, which lets you relive those old school moments we all miss dearly, it’s hard to pass up.

Mike's Flavors of America

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Goes Patriotic With the Boot Campaign

With yet another Fourth of July passing us by, you can’t help but feel patriotic and the uncontrollable urge to shake the hands of every service man and woman serving in our military. Mike’s Hard Lemonade has partnered with the Boot Campaign to help keep the patriotic message alive and in our homes.

Pedialyte Powder Packs

Pedialyte is No Longer Just for Babies and Children

For years, Pedialyte has been the number one pediatrician recommended electrolyte solution for babies and children. However, it’s no secret that adults have used Pedialyte for those unsavory mornings when the night before left them a bit dehydrated.

Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs

First Look at Steve Jobs Movie

Here is the first look at Michael Fassbeneder as Steve Jobs. The film takes place backstage at three of Apple’s iconic product launches and ends in 1998 with the unveiling of the iMac.