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Espresso Veloce V12 Machine

Espresso Veloce V12 Machine

The Espresso Veloce is a tribute to the Grand Prix engines from the nineties. Limited to 500 numbered units, this engine replica not only looks cool, it produces rich Italian-style coffee too.

18 Examples of Awesome Latte Art

One of my favorite things to do is sit down with my computer and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. There is nothing better than when a barista whips up a cool design on top of your latte.

Why I love my Tassimo Professional

So as many of my writers may know, I’ve been given a coffee machine to put in my office and test out. This wasn’t just any coffee machine.. it was a Tassimo Professional.

Hiroshi and Starbucks

Hiroshi Fujiwara has always been famous for making anything he touches cool. He has recently renovated a Starbucks in Harajuku, Tokyo.