Zoku Iced Coffee Maker

If you’ve ever tried making iced coffee at home then you know that it’s very rarely worth it. Until recently it was nearly impossible to do without ending up with an awful watered down version of the beverage you started with. Now Zoku – a relatively new company that makes innovative products for the home – offers an iced coffee maker ($30) that requires literally zero extra steps from pouring yourself a cup of hot coffee. The only difference: you pull this mug from the icebox instead of the cabinet. What’s more, as far as the time it takes this apparatus to make your coffee perfectly chilly, you won’t be waiting any longer than it would take regular hot coffee to be drinkable. Between this and your Keurig, you may never visit the coffee shop again. 

Sarah Militello-Wilson is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle blogger. Originally from the outskirts of the outskirts of a small town in Illinois, her love and endless curiosity for all things science, nature, and wayfaring have been with her throughout her life. She takes her coffee with milk and flowers :)

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