Traveling is one of the most popular hobbies/activities. Based on 2023 statistics, it takes fifth place after cooking, reading, pets, video gaming, and outdoor activities. After the end of the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown, the interest in traveling grew sky-high.

It was also explained by the intensification of business activity and improved economic situation. Below, there are 5 brief descriptions of the top places people often use to travel to. The main reason for that is a perfect combination of affordability and the overall positive experience they get.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan
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Taipei is a beautiful region with a rich culture and pleasant people. Among the must-visit places for most travelers are the National Palace Museum, Yangmingshan National Park, and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Taiwan, in general, is not associated with budget travel. However, there are 2 tips to save money during your trip:

  • Use Monitor cheap flights like Air China or China Southern Airlines offer;
  • Do not neglect to get an easycard to save on public transport and attractions.

One more tip: simply say “biandang” and get a tray of meat with vegetables and rice at the cost of around $1. The average hotel price is about $53 (based on our research of 181 venues), while one week will cost you $451. As for everyday spending, the sum is about $30+.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a real paradise for travelers who want to experience its sandy beaches, rich culture, and exotic nature at a relatively modest price. You will be definitely caught by the beauty of Tanah Lot, Uluwatu Temple, or Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

Feel free to select from plenty of hotels to stay in, including top boutique venues and more budget-friendly accommodations. The average price for all Bali hotels is about $81/night. Those rooms which are considered luxury require you to pay about $272.

They come with all the amenities you can imagine. From high-speed internet to play at your favorite instant payout casinos to jacuzzi and little personal gym. For everyday spending, be ready to allocate about $74 to feel comfortable.

Marrakech, Morocco

If you want to plunge into the world of exotic beauty, then the heart of Morocco is what you need. On average, you will allocate about $70 for everyday expenses, a relatively small sum given all those activities you may join.

There are many hotels, but the average price is about $420/night. In Marrakech, you can fully enjoy the magic of the historical district of the city (Medina) with plenty of ancient buildings, visit numerous authentic markets with traditional goods, observe snake charmers, and more. Don’t forget to take your credit card, because you will need it if you want to buy something or take a break from walking with visa casinos.
Also, you can see Djemaa El-Fna, – one of the most famous squares in Africa, with locals who trade spices, leather goods, argan oil, and traditional clothes.

Manila, Philippines

Manila is a famous exotic capital of the Philippines that attracts both budget and luxury tourists from all over the world. It combines modern architecture and ancient buildings like Intramuros. Be sure to include Fort Santiago, the National Museum of Fine Arts, and Rizal Park in your list.

To avoid extra spending, you may use jeepneys or local Light Rail Transit to travel around the city seamlessly. To feel comfortable, ensure you are ready to spend about $93 per day. As for hotels, the prices here are more than pleasant:

  • About $105 per 3 nights;
  • Approximately $246 per 7 nights;
  • About $492 per 14 nights.

You can also try Couchsurfing, which can bring additional value to understanding the local culture from the inside.

Bangkok, Thailand

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

The capital of Thailand is famous among travelers with multiple low-cost proposals. This place is for a night in a hotel and is about $83 on average. However, you can find even 4-star venues for $15/night. Here, much depends on the season. Bangkok is an actual finding for those looking for a cultural experience.

Ensure to plan to visit the most famous temples: Wat Ratchanatdaram and Loha Prasa. To plunge into the region’s history, explore the City Pillar Shrine. On its territory, you can find the first houses which were built using stone.

Also, don’t miss a chance to visit the Erawan Shrine and get charmed by the beauty of Thai dance. As for everyday sending, they will barely exceed $40-$50.