Are you looking to book a Celebrity Cruises cruise but want to know the age of the ship, its itinerary, and how many people it can hold? You’ve come to the right place.

I’m a huge cruise fan but that doesn’t mean I will book just any itinerary. Knowing what the ship has to offer, especially how new or old it is always plays a major role in how I book a cruise. This is why I created this post to break down Celebrity Cruises ships by age, class, and how many guests they can accommodate.

Celebrity Cruises Ships by Age, Newest to Oldest

This post should help those looking to book the newest ships with the latest and greatest technology Celebrity Cruises has to offer. If there is something you would like to see included don’t hesitate to reach out via Twitter or shoot me an email.

How Many Ships Does Celebrity Cruises Have?

As of 2023, Celebrity Cruises has 15 ships in service, with one new ship planned soon: Celebrity Ascent in late 2023.

Celebrity Cruises Ships Newest to Oldest

Below you will find Celebrity Cruises’ ship line-up in order of newest to oldest ship. I’ve also included their latest ships being built and their estimated arrival date.

Celebrity Cruises Ships By Age New To Old

  • Celebrity Ascent, Due Late 2023
  • Celebrity Beyond, April 2022
  • Celebrity Apex, June 2021
  • Celebrity Flora, June 2019
  • Celebrity Edge, November 2018
  • Celebrity Xploration, March 2017
  • Celebrity Reflection, October 2012
  • Celebrity Silhouette, July 2011
  • Celebrity Eclipse, April 2010
  • Celebrity Equinox, August 2009
  • Celebrity Solstice, November 2008
  • Celebrity Xpedition, June 2004
  • Celebrity Constellation, May 2002
  • Celebrity Summit, October 2001
  • Celebrity Infinity, March 2001
  • Celebrity Millennium, July 2000

Celebrity Cruises ships by age with godmothers and christened dates

Celebrity Cruises Ships By Age, Class, And Passengers

Ship Class Year Passengers Crew
Celebrity Ascent Edge Class Due Late 2023
Celebrity Beyond Edge Class April 2022 3,937 1,416
Celebrity Apex Edge Class June 2021 2,910 1,319
Celebrity Flora Galapagos Class June 2019 100 80
Celebrity Edge Edge Class November 2018 2,918 1,320
Celebrity Xploration Galapagos Class March 2017 16 12
Celebrity Reflection Solstice Class October 2012 3,030 1,293
Celebrity Silhouette Solstice Class July 2011 2,902 1,285
Celebrity Eclipse Solstice Class April 2010 2,850 1,286
Celebrity Equinox Solstice Class August 2009 2,852 1,290
Celebrity Solstice Solstice Class November 2008 2,850 1,284
Celebrity Xpedition Galapagos Class June 2004 48 58
Celebrity Constellation Millennium Class May 2002 2,184 1,022
Celebrity Summit Millennium Class October 2001 2,158 1,027
Celebrity Infinity Millennium Class March 2001 2,170 1,024
Celebrity Millennium Millennium Class July 2000 2,218 1,024

Please note that the passenger and crew numbers are based on double occupancy, and the actual numbers may vary. The Celebrity Ascent, which is due to launch in late 2023, does not have passenger and crew numbers available yet.

Who Are The Godparents Of All Of The Celebrity Cruises Ships?

Becoming a cruise ship’s godparent is a big honor and one that can take some time to figure out. Below is a list of all current godparents of Celebrity Cruises ships.

Ship Date Christened Godmother/Godfather
Celebrity Ascent Due late 2023 n/a
Celebrity Beyond November 4, 2022 Simone Biles, gymnast
Celebrity Apex June 5, 2021 Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code
Celebrity Flora June 14, 2019 Dame Helen Mirren, actress
Celebrity Edge November 14, 2018 Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize laureate
Celebrity Xploration March 25, 2017 Kelly Ripa, actress and television personality
Celebrity Reflection October 26, 2012 Serena Williams, tennis champion
Celebrity Silhouette July 23, 2011 Diane von Furstenberg, fashion designer
Celebrity Eclipse April 7, 2010 Kate Hudson, actress
Celebrity Equinox August 22, 2009 Ellen DeGeneres, comedian and talk show host
Celebrity Solstice November 22, 2008 Sir Paul McCartney, musician
Celebrity Xpedition June 11, 2004 Harrison Ford, actor
Celebrity Constellation May 18, 2002 Catherine Zeta-Jones, actress
Celebrity Summit October 27, 2001 Denzel Washington, actor
Celebrity Infinity March 24, 2001 Sir Elton John, musician
Celebrity Millennium July 23, 2000 Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States

Other Cruise Line Ships by Age: