Are you looking to book a Viking Ocean Cruises cruise but want to know the age of the ship, its itinerary, and how many people it can hold? You’ve come to the right place.

I’m a huge cruise fan, but that doesn’t mean I will book just any itinerary. Knowing what the ship has to offer, especially how new or old it is, always plays a major role in how I book a cruise. This is why I created this post to break down Viking Ocean Cruises ships by age, class, and how many guests they can accommodate.

Viking Ocean Cruises ships by age, newest to oldest

This post should help those looking to book the newest ships with the latest and greatest technology Viking Ocean Cruises has to offer. If there is something you would like to see included, don’t hesitate to reach out via Twitter or shoot me an email.

How Many Ships Does Viking Ocean Cruises Have?

As of 2023, Viking Ocean Cruises has 9 ships in service, with one new ship planned soon: Viking Vela in 2024.

Viking Ocean Cruises Ships Newest to Oldest

Below you will find Viking Ocean Cruises’ ship line-up in order of newest to oldest ship. I’ve also included their latest ships being built and their estimated arrival date.

Viking Ocean Cruises Ships By Age New To Old

  • Viking Vela, Due 2024
  • Viking Saturn, 2023
  • Viking Neptune, 2022
  • Viking Mars, 2022
  • Viking Venus, 2021
  • Viking Jupiter, 2019
  • Viking Orion, 2018
  • Viking Sky, 2017
  • Viking Sea, 2016
  • Viking Star, 2015

Viking Ocean Cruises ships by age

Viking Ocean Cruises Ships By Age, Class, And Passengers

Ship Class Year Passengers
Viking Vela Small ships Due 2024 930
Viking Saturn Small ships 2023 930
Viking Neptune Small ships 2022 930
Viking Mars Small ships 2022 930
Viking Venus Small ships 2021 930
Viking Jupiter Small ships 2019 930
Viking Orion Small ships 2018 930
Viking Sky Small ships 2017 930
Viking Sea Small ships 2016 930
Viking Star Small ships 2015 930

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Who Are The Godparents Of All Of The Viking Ocean Cruises Ships?

Becoming a cruise ship’s godparent is a big honor and one that can take some time to figure out. Below is a list of all current godparents of Viking Ocean Cruises ships.

  • Viking Vela, (coming soon)
  • Viking Saturn, Ann Ziff
  • Viking Neptune, Nicole Stott
  • Viking Mars, Lady Fiona Carnarvon, the Countess of Carnarvon
  • Viking Venus, Anne Diamond
  • Viking Jupiter, Singer Sissel Kyrkjebø
  • Viking Orion, Dr. Anna Fisher
  • Viking Sky, Viking Chairman Torstein Hagen
  • Viking Sea, Viking Sr. Vice President Karine Hagen
  • Viking Star, Trude Drevland

Other Cruise Line Ships by Age: