UAE is a country that beckons people from all over the world because of its many cultural venues, historical museums, places to shop, opportunities for outdoor adventures, and, of course, its five-star hotels. It has seven emirates, and the one that is quite popular is Sharjah.

Top Reasons To Vacation In Sharjah

If there is an emirate in which vacationing with the family will offer many adventurous opportunities and exciting places to see, it is Sharjah. Book tickets on Air Arabia to this emirate and have a fun-filled vacation that gives opportunities to see, experience, and enjoy its many tourist venues. It is a very family-oriented emirate that you would want to visit over and over again. Here is a look at the top reasons for vacationing here:

  • Out of the many emirates in the UAE, it is Sharjah that is known for its ancient structures, which it has taken steps to preserve. Step into the Al Hisn fort, which has been covered in a museum that showcases a lot of ancient artefacts, weapons, and photos of their bygone days. If you were to visit the Al Noor Mosque, what you could experience is the finest example of Turkish Ottoman architecture. The modern Al Mahatta Museum features many testing items that reveal information about the UAE’s history as well as the development of aviation through restored aeroplanes as well as the cinema field. Yet another such place to explore is the Sharjah Heritage Museum, where, when you step inside, you can see so many well-preserved ancient buildings that reveal how this emirate was during bygone days. Art lovers will find visiting the Sharjah Art Museum to be very interesting, as it features the work of about 5,000 artists from the Arab world
  • Sharjah is also a place for enjoying adventures in the desert sand through a four-wheel drive excursion program. These air-conditioned vehicles are driven by skilled drivers, and they will take you through its majestic desert areas and help you discover this place like never before. As you pass by huge sand dunes, you can see camels, tents, and a traditional life that has been followed since ancient times. You can also see some unusual rock formations, and there are many mountain peaks from which you can get spectacular views of the surroundings. There are many pre-Islamic archaeological sites that can be seen and explored with a guide. Such desert exploration programmes allow you to indulge in sandboarding and a night in a traditional tent, where you get to enjoy local cuisine, Arabic dates, and coffee.
  • A visit to Sharjah becomes more memorable when you buy its local Arabic sweets. They are available in its many sweet shops, which are present in almost every street. If you were to visit any main area, there would be a couple of key streets with these shops, where you can find so many varieties of delicious Middle Eastern sweets. These mouthwatering delicacies are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth with their texture, sweetness, cheese, and honey. Out of them, the most important is the kunafa, which is a cake with many layers and is fused with cheese, bread pastry, honey, and pistachios. It can be enjoyed in many varieties. Other popular Middle Eastern sweets are Baklava, Halva, Maamoul, and Basbousa.

Baklava is so delicious

  • How about making a visit to the unusual Buhaira Corniche, which is a popular picnic spot? It is often visited by tourists and it surrounds Lake Khaled. It’s a narrow path that stretches to some seven kilometres and is the perfect venue for early morning jogs or cycle rides. Come with your basket packed with food and your family, as well as friends, to spend the day in its lush greenery. It is the perfect spot from where you can take fabulous photos of the lagoon’s natural beauty. It also has many supermarkets and restaurants so you can buy delicious food as and when you want. Quite close to it is the Al Majaz Waterfalls, which is a spectacular sight.
  • Make a trip to its vibrant Blue Souk, where you can find many local products being sold. It’s a place that you will enjoy exploring for hours together. In this place, you can find so many shops selling aromatic spices and exotic Arabian oil perfumes. It has many sellers offering local handmade items that are beautiful and worth spending money on. If you want to buy beautiful, lush carpets, you are sure to find them here. Check out its many shops that sell lovely traditional Arabic attire. Its most unusual quality is its blue tiles and arched domes which make it visible from any location in this emirate.

Visiting Sharjah will give you the opportunity to explore a fabulous Middle East city that is quite modern but also one that preserves its traditional qualities. Airarabia is a carrier that offers non-stop, low-cost flights to Sharjah from any key city in Northern African, Middle Eastern, and Asian countries. Reach this city through it to enjoy sightseeing at its many tourist spots, which are unique and provide insight into how people here live.