Planning The Most Inspiring Trip To Istanbul

Whenever you get the chance to travel to Istanbul, there’s an almost endless supply of different cultural activities and natural wonders to explore. Turkey is a country that’s rich in art, philosophy, literature, food and so much more, and this can make it almost impossible to squeeze in every different adventure that you’d like to undertake. Luckily, this guide aims to explain exactly how you can plan the most amazing Istanbul experience in no time at all, so that you can really make the most of your journey by visiting the top rated hotspots without having to spend a fortune too. So, if you’re planning a trip to Istanbul and would like to uncover some of the best tried and tested locations and activities that you can explore to utilise your time whatever your budget may be!

Plan your trip to Istanbul

What To Pack

Packing your suitcase ready for an amazing trip to Istanbul needn’t be a tricky task, as temperatures are never intense and the mild weather allows for several different styles. Clothes are going to be your first necessity, and it’s important that you’re able to respect the local people and their culture by not donning the most revealing items and keeping your outfit as respectable and controlled as you can. It’s likely you’ll be doing a lot of exploring on your trip, so packing some comfortable shoes such as trainers that can provide a little more support is a great idea. If you’re visiting during the hotter summer months then you may want to consider packing some protective headwear and a pair of sunglasses to help keep cool. Don’t forget to pack a camera or two to document your travels, as there are just so many amazing photo opportunities in the city that you can snap to remember your trip in years to come.

Getting There

Depending on your location, getting to Turkey can take a considerable amount of time. Usually Istanbul can be accessed via air travel, but there are many transport links such as trains, coaches and buses too. Taking a long haul flight is never an enjoyable experience, but you can make your situation easier by choosing seats at the front of the plane or close to the emergency exits as they have much more leg room which is an essential when you’re sat down for so long. If you have a larger budget then opting for business class may be an alternative you’d like to explore. In business class there are many more commodities, including reclining seats or beds, as well as delicious meals, drinks and the top level of customer service. Once you arrive in whichever Turkish airport you can travel to, it’s important that you can pre-book a reliable Istanbul airport transfer service that can take you into the centre of the city, as you may find that taxis or private vehicles are very expensive upon arrival.

Choosing A Hotel Or Other Stay

The location that you choose to stay at during your trip can have a huge impact on the whole experience, so it’s important that you can find a hotel or apartment that can accommodate your needs and budget, whilst meeting your expectations at the same time. If you want a culture rich and traditional stay then it’s a great idea to check out one of the many historical hotels that can offer a really unique and inspiring service. There are also many high end locations that offer luxurious rooms and views that you will adore waking up to every morning, so if your budget will stretch this far then it’s a great option to explore. If you don’t have a large amount to spend then do not fret, as there’s a wealth of hostels and other similar establishments that offer a really affordable stay in some of the greatest tourist hotspots. Whatever kind of adventure you’re after, Istanbul is full to the brim with the most exhilarating experiences for you to uncover.

Galleries, Museums & More

The history and culture Istanbul offers is so rich and inspiring, and the sheer volume of galleries, museums and religious landmarks that are on offer for you to explore can make feeling bored an impossible feat. If art is a passion that you’d like to discover whilst in Turkey, then Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Arter, and SALT Galata are some of the best options that you can choose. Whether you’re a modern artist with contemporary roots or a creative searching for historical inspiration, Istanbul has the ideal gallery for you. Museums and historical buildings are a key feature of the city, and the Hagia Sophia Museum and the Istanbul Archeological Museum are some of the best options to visit. The architecture of Istanbul is so diverse and interesting, as there have been many different influences that have encouraged many styles to flourish and line the packed streets. The Blue Mosque is a jaw dropping grand structure that’s a definite photo opportunity, as well as the decadent Basilica Cistern beneath the hustle and bustle. If you need to escape the busy city and take a moment to relax in an area of natural beauty then you’re almost definitely in luck, as there are many parks across the city that can offer the perfect eco retreat. A perfect example of this is Gülhane Park, that showcases the most amazing flora and fauna right in the heart of the city – it’s one of the oldest and largest urban parks in Istanbul, and can be a great place to take a picnic or chill out in the shade after a few hours in the hot summer sun. The bazaars that line some of the busiest streets can be an amazing place to explore, as the stores can offer almost everything that you might need at a very affordable price. The stall holders are always exciting characters that enjoy conversing with tourists that visit their city, so it can be a wonderful day out to get some souvenirs for your family and friends back home!

Bosphorus Strait

The Bosphorus Strait is a stretch of sea that splits Istanbul in half, and exploring this body of water is an opportunity that must not be missed. Whether you decide to book one of the many dinner cruises that float slowly through the waves as you eat course after course of delicious food and watch as the sun goes down on the horizon, or choose to take a day time guided tour around the strait to learn more information about how important it really is to the city, you’re bound to have an amazing time no matter what. Gliding across the water can give you a whole new view of how the city looks, and you can really experience the true size of the arhciteture and space that Istanbul boasts. Booking these trips beforehand can ensure that you don’t pay above and beyond for your experience, but if you have a little more to spend then you can even go as far as hiring a private yacht to explore the water your own way.

Planning the most inspiring trip to Istanbul has never been so simple when you are able to make the most of the ideas and recommendations detailed above! It’s such a great city to explore, and you’ll be sure to fall in love with the culture as soon as you step foot of the plane. Don’t miss the chance to visit the art galleries, museums and amazing architecture on offer.

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