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Automatic: Making Both Cars and Drivers Smarter

Have you ever wondered what your car would say if it could communicate? How helpful would it be if it could tell you things like when you’re using too much gas or why your check engine light just kicked on?

Light Graffiti Cars

Marc Cameron and Mark Brown are both known for their light graffiti cars. In their latest installment the pictures look cleaner and better quality then their predecessors.

Cars with Fins

So L.A. just had their annual Auto Show and other cities will soon get to see all 2011 and beyond has to offer in the way of the automobile. There’s some impressive stuff out there and the concept cars prove design and aesthetics are still at the forefront and it’s not all about hybrid technology and a computer for everything.

TravelCar Airport Parking

4 Reasons Why We’re Obsessed with TravelCar

I frequent the airport more than most. For me, the best way to handle travel is making sure you’re prepared and relaxed for the journey ahead. It’s no secret that traveling can be stressful, but if you know the right tools to use during your trip you can be sure it will be smooth and less chaotic.