Not only can you donate your money for a good cause, you get to look stylish as well. FLY CANVAS has one of the coolest initiatives I’ve heard of and am super excited to share their mission with you.

The Founders Card

Only the coolest of the cool has a FoundersCard, and this membership is well worth the price of admission. For my avid JoesDaily readers, I have some awesome news for you.

Otis by Jay-Z & Kanye West

Spike Jonze directs Kanye West/Jay-Z’s ‘Otis’ from their new “Watch the Throne” album. Looks like an absolute love fest to me despite all the rumors of them not getting along. Watch the video after the jump…

Root Beer Brewing Kit

Who doesn’t love a frosted mug filled with delicious root beer? How about a mug filled with root beer you made yourself? Thanks to ThinkGeek they’ve made this possible.

Maki Longboards

It’s Summer time and what better way to spend your time in the beautiful sun than with a new longboard to cruise around on. Maki Longboards are some of the sickest boards I have ever seen…

Interview with Blake Anderson of Workaholics

I had the pleasure of having a phone interview with the hilarious, Blake Anderson, from what I think will be the new hit show on Comedy Central called Workaholics. Blake and his crew (MailOrderComedy) from the show were in Austin for SXSW promoting Workaholics.

LA Canvas Magazine Launch Party

I was invited to the Downtown Los Angeles launch party (11.12.10) for LA Canvas Magazine. The party was hosted at some really great wearhouse that was equipped with an open bar, sick DJ, and great company.

Lotus Elite

The Lotus Elite ($180,000) has a 5-liter V8 engine, with optional hybrid technology made possible with KERS. They have a live countdown on their site for when the car will be presented at the Paris Motorshow. Should be a great car to witness first hand.