Dat Beat – Stringer Bell EP

I’ve been obsessed with Dat Beat ever since I heard their track behind Mike Diva’s ridiculously awesome Street Fighter video. This is the type of music that gets my energy flowing and activates my ‘Tiger Blood’ (Charlie Sheen™).

How your job is killing you [infographic]

Are you mentally and physically aware of how much your job may be killing you? This may seem a little dramatic, especially if you currently feel great reading this post. See the infographic after the jump…

Capital Cities – Safe and Sound (d’Anconia Remix)

I recently featured d’Anconia’s track ‘Elodie’ and you guys loved it! Now he’s back with another banger remix, this time using Capital Cities ‘Safe and Sound’. Like the Elodie track, this one is going on my workout playlist.

“Jump Into My Fiery Eyes” by EOS

Does age really matter when it comes to talent? I certainly think not, but it sure does have an effect on how you look at someone. Enter 16 year old DJ EOS who knows how to make the beat drop… hard!

Elodie track by d’Anconia

The one thing I can count on getting me through my day is music. So naturally I’m always looking for new tracks to get my creative juices flowing so I can post amazing stuff for my readers.

Norwegian Recycling – Good Feeling

Every month Norwegian Recycling sends me his newest mashup, and I can’t say enough about them. I was a tad late putting this one up but none the less, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.