Is CD Projekt Red Returning to The Witcher Franchise?

After The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt wrapped up Geralt of Rivia’s story, there were fears that CD Projekt Red had finished with its long-running and hugely popular Witcher franchise. Indeed, the Polish developer turned its attention away from fantasy and towards sci-fi, with its bold project Cyberpunk 2077. After the underwhelming and controversial release of that game, it appears that CD Projekt Red is now going back to what it does best.

Can Cyberpunk 2077 be Considered a Failure?

Due to CD Projekt Red’s reputation as one of the top game developers in the world, there was a serious level of hype around Cyberpunk 2077. When it failed to live up to this for various reasons, fans were obviously disappointed. The game was delayed massively and, when it was eventually released, there were loads of glitches. However, many reviews were positive, and the game sold 18 million copies.

It’s also clear to see that the 2020 release had a big impact on popular culture. It helped bring futuristic themes back into the mainstream and inspired other games like Infinity Ops: Cyberpunk FPS on mobile. Additionally, in the online casino industry, the subgenre of sci-fi is back in fashion as well which can be seen within this safe and secure online casino Canada. For example, there’s Cyberpunk city’, a game that’s clearly designed to attract people who enjoyed Cyberpunk 2077. Evidently, even through affiliation and imitation, non-franchised entertainment products are taking heed of moves made by the big-wigs in console gaming.

It’s also reassuring to know that, according to, CD Projekt Red still has a vast team working on mods for Cyberpunk 2077 to improve it. Indeed, around 10 percent of its task force are working on that, while 15 percent are busy with Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

Best for Studio to Return to its Flagship Series

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt won numerous Game of the Year accolades and is still considered to be one of the best offerings on the past generation of consoles. It led CD Projekt Red to gain a name for itself as one of the most important studios in the world, after having already impressed with The Witcher and The Witcher: Assassins of Kings.

It makes sense for CD Projekt Red to return to what it knows best and give the fans what they want. The studio may feel as though they owe it to their followers after messing up with Cyberpunk 2077. It was recently confirmed by that there is a new Witcher game in the pipeline, but there is little more information than that to go on at the moment.

Will the New Witcher be the Most Popular Game Ever?

When the new Witcher game is released, there’s a chance that it could be the most popular game ever made. This is because it will attract fans of the previous games, along with people who enjoy the hit show on Netflix.

The upcoming fantasy offering will also make use of the brand-new Unreal Engine 5 from Epic Games, which enables the most realistic graphics ever seen on consoles. This will surely up the immersion levels in the new Witcher game tenfold.

It looks as though the news that gamers all over the world have been waiting for is true. The Witcher franchise will return, but it could be a few years before it hits consoles.

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