Why I’m Switching to the GLEEM Electric Toothbrush

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GLEEM. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve briefly explained my dental history on social media before, but never really in blog post form. I have a feeling this push to using new dental products will spark a series in me that will be released over the course of this year; more on that soon. For now, let me introduce you to GLEEM, and explain why I’m switching to using their electric rechargeable toothbrush over others on the market.

GLEEM Electric Toothbrush

After getting all of my work done in my mouth, I upgraded my oral hygiene by buying new products. Like most, I fell victim to spending more money than I really needed to on expensive electric toothbrushes and other products. GLEEM has completely shaken up the dental industry with its affordable prices, sleek design, and sought after features.

I currently use the​ ​GLEEM Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush​ in Aqua. Other brush colors available at Walmart are Slate, Pearl, and Coral. Each brush comes with a charging base, replaceable brush heads, and a travel case. When using GLEEM brushes you will be able to choose from two modes: Classic Clean and GLEEM Clean for extra brushing power. I like to use the GLEEM Clean mode when I’ve been without my brush for a few days just to make sure I get the best clean possible.

Something I think worth mentioning is the quiet motor inside that runs the brush. It’s by far the quietest electric toothbrush I’ve ever used. Definitely a nice feature for those nights when you go to bed late and don’t want to wake up your significant other with your oral hygiene routine.

Other GLEEM Products

GLEEM doesn’t stop at just toothbrushes, though those are definitely their flagship product. No, they also have teeth whitening solutions. Here are a few of the other dental products sold by GLEEM.

GLEEM Teeth Whitening Kit

Now, I have to be completely honest when talking about GLEEM’s whitening products. As someone who has porcelain veneers, I’m not the target market for them. In fact, they simply won’t work on my teeth. However, my wife, who doesn’t have any work done to her mouth, has used GLEEM’s Teeth Whitening Kit and has seen fantastic results!

The​ ​GLEEM One Week Professional Teeth Whitening Light Kit + Booster Strips​ shows results in just about 3 days. GLEEM uses the same enamel-safe whitening treatments dentists use in a simple strip application. Using Blue LED light technology will target any yellow stains you might have, delivering pro-level whitening in just 7 treatments.

What’s included:​ 1 LED light, 14 whitening treatments, each with 2 strips (1 upper and 1 lower)

GLEEM Touch-up Applicator Teeth Whitening Pen

Now you can touch-up your teeth without visiting the dentist. The​ ​GLEEM Touch-Up Teeth Whitening Pen​ uses the same whitening ingredients dentists use. Simply touch-up the areas you’re unhappy with whenever and wherever with this portable whitening pen.

What’s included:​ 1 4 mL Teeth Whitening Pen

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