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BACARDÍ Oakheart Spiced Rum
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BACARDÍ Oakheart Wins Best Tasting Spiced Rum

This month BACARDÍ unveiled a new campaign with a strong focus on male bonding, and some friendly jabs at their competitor, Captain Morgan. BACARDÍ Oakheart is at the forefront of the “All In, All Heart” campaign, getting consumers in key markets to “bench the Captain” and join the Brotherhood of Oakheart.
FACUNDO Rum Collection from BACARDÍ
Food & Drink

FACUNDO Rum Collection from BACARDÍ

As of late, aged rums have made a big splash in the spirits industry. In fact, popular manufactures have began putting together unique collections for rum connoisseurs everywhere.
Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan “Chapter Two: For Gold and Glory”

On the heels of the Captain Morgan "Perfect Getaway" challenge, Chapter 2 of the trilogy is released titled 'For Gold and Glory'. Using his wits and the human treasure map he busted out of prison, our favorite pirate out smarts his fellow sea dwellers by getting to the treasure first.
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