Elgato’s Stream Deck Mobile is a productivity tool designed to put instant control at your fingertips, whether you’re a streamer, editor, or just someone who values efficiency. Providing users with specialized keypads, the ability to group actions for easy access, personalizable keys with colorful images and animations, and up to 10 additional pages for actions, the Stream Deck Mobile shines in its customization.

Features and Benefits

The Stream Deck Mobile application has several key features that make it stand out. Firstly, it has an easy setup process where the mobile app scans your network for your PC, and then you can customize the hotkeys on the desktop app, which will then appear on the mobile app. It is also compatible with Siri, meaning you can create custom voice commands for even quicker access to your setup.

Not only can the keypad adapt as your device rotates, but you can also lock it in place regardless of orientation. The app even supports iPad multitasking, which means you can run Stream Deck Mobile alongside your favorite apps or websites, or even run two Stream Deck Mobile keypads at the same time for even more convenience.

Elgato Stream Deck Mobile

The application gives users 6 keys for free, forever, but if you need more keys, you can upgrade to the Pro version to unlock up to 64 keys, which is double the number of the largest device, Stream Deck XL.

“Stream Deck is so much more than just a physical device. It’s a powerful ecosystem that enables millions of users across practically any workflow. With this update, we’re excited to bring that same technology to the virtual space, making it easier than ever for anyone to streamline tasks and save time using the iPhone or iPad they already know and love — all for free.”

— Christiane Göhring, Team Lead for Mobile Development at Elgato

How Much is Stream Deck Mobile

The Stream Deck Mobile has recently shifted to a freemium model, providing a basic free version akin to the Stream Deck Mini. If you need more functionality, you can subscribe to the Pro tier for $2.99 per month or a discounted $24.99 annual rate. There’s also a one-off lifetime license option that runs $49.99.