3 Kitchen Trends from 2022

Are you looking for a kitchen upgrade? Maybe you’re not sure where to go with your kitchen’s look. For the most part throughout modern history, kitchens have been boringly standard with small touches of difference. But it’s a whole new world today and kitchen trends have gotten quite radical. If you’re looking for more of a fun upgrade than cabinets that are just hanging on for dear life replaced, keep reading to see the best kitchen rejuvenation trends from 2022.

High contrast black

If you’re looking to make a bold statement with any room color palette, you can’t go wrong with black. It’s stylish, sophisticated, and always modern. And there is a lot you can do with it while sticking to neutrals. Paint the cabinets for a bold statement or switch up the backsplash and countertops for something more subtle. Pair them with white or soften the contrast with beiges and wood. It’s a very versatile color in a room that has a lot of elements that can be switched up.

You can even find black dining furniture to go with the various accents in the room and really emphasize that high contrast. Find cheap dining room sets here that will go with your new kitchen.

50’s pastels

The 30-year cycle of fashion isn’t quite so easy to stamp down when it comes to interior design trends. At the moment we’ve got 20’s Art Deco having a moment, along with color blocking that seems to have the vibe and color palette of 70’s disco fonts, and the kitchen is returning to a state of post-war opulence.

Pastel cabinets, pastel appliances, fun retro shapes in appliances: it all makes you want to put on a petticoat. Mint greens, pale pinks, sky blues, are all gracing our cabinets. And people are either buying or vinyl wrapping the rest to match. The retro fridge that really shouldn’t have gone away is back, new and improved with today’s smart tech that is right in line with the brave new world of the post-war era, where everything was luxury and going to be okay. And the best part is that you can DIY a lot of this, bringing quite the fake it ‘til you make it attitude to those principles.

Disco funk

For a more fun and fancy-free look, there is the recent uptake in color blocking to consider. These tend to come with warm Californian tones like bright orange and pink, sky blues and greens. Not quite pastel, but not as solid as primary colors either – but all the colors are there. Lately, they’ve been paired with swirling stripes over a wall, like someone has gone mad with a giant paintbrush, and are very evocative of the disco age swirls and fonts.

In the kitchen, they’re not as curved, but are more geometric. People are painting sections into their cabinets with masking tape, or mismatching their bottom cabinets to their top, or the island bar to the rest of the room, or even painting a kitchen cove or storage cabinet a funky color.

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