7 Top Tips For Post-COVID Travel

It’s difficult to say whether we are post-COVID yet as the virus is still prevalent, still spreading and people are still dying. However, borders are open again, planes are flying, and people are traveling, so if you’re itching to go then what do you need to know? Well, first of all, you can probably park the round the world travel plans, for now, leave looking for storage lockers to put your things in while you backpack around the world until another time, for now, travel will be very different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Pack essentials

Your travel essentials will have changed, so if you’re going somewhere then make sure you have face masks, hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes. It’s important that you remain safe and keep others safe too.

Be aware of local rules and regulations

Be aware that rules and restrictions can differ depending on where you are. Some places might have individual requirements in terms of social distancing.

Use the tools you have available

Luckily there are some great online tools which can help you to prepare for your trip; you can Check Live Updates on this global attractions reopening tracker and travel updates on this interactive world map so that you know what’s going on with the country you’re planning to go to.

Be prepared for anything

If you’re going to travel, then it’s important to be ready for anything. You need to expect the unexpected and if you find out that you’ll have to come home early because borders are closing or you’re going to have to quarantine when you get home, then don’t be disappointed, this is just part of the new world we’re living in and part of what you can expect with travelling now.

Check you’re safe to travel

It should go without saying, but if you’re not feeling well before you travel, then it’s safer for everyone for you not to go. Be aware that many airlines are now completing temperature checks to ensure that no one is getting on the plane who could potentially be carrying the virus. Be aware that showing no symptoms will not automatically mean that you are safe to fly. You could be asymptomatic, and unfortunately, right now, there is no way to deal with this potential issue.

Get travel insurance

You should be getting travel insurance anyway, but make sure you check the policy thoroughly. Many insurance companies won’t cover you if you go against recommended guidelines, so don’t just expect to be covered if you end up in the hospital with COVID-19 while you’re abroad.

Stay local or stay secluded

If you must go abroad, then choose somewhere secluded, don’t go to busy towns as you’re not going to experience the same as you would have in the past anyway. Look at secluded villas in smaller towns where you could go, stay safe but also enjoy a change of scenery. Alternatively, don’t go abroad, there must be so many places you could travel to in your own country, meaning you won’t have to worry about any restrictions. Make the most of what’s on your doorstep; you might even find that you prefer it.

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