Bingo Fever: How Men Are Rediscovering the Classic Game

The era of the ’80s and ’90s saw the peak of bingo, a game beloved by all genders and ages that is still prevalent in our modern-day. Back in the day, bingo was an entertaining game typically played by women looking to socialise during the periods when females were refused service at local bars.

This mild form of gambling served as a pastime, synonymous with attending Sunday service at a church or having a couple of drinks at the local on a Friday night. Since the act of socialising during the activity was considered more important than the gambling aspect of the game at the time.

However, nowadays, the activity looks quite different to how it was played during its peak and is slowly attracting more male participants. The worlds of bingo and online gambling have merged, causing hundreds of bingo sites to arise and revolutionise how the classic game is played.

Thanks to this transition, the game has been introduced to different audiences. Nowadays, the best bingo sites offer games that appeal to various demographics, including younger audiences, female audiences, and male audiences.

Bingo sites have achieved this through modern artwork, music, themes, and a broader selection of games and features such as chat rooms. Continue reading as we discuss how men are rediscovering the classic game and its reasoning.

The Shift In Ideology

As we briefly touched upon in the introduction, bingo reached its peak of popularity towards the end of the Second World War and was primarily played by a female audience. When these women were playing bingo, there was a distinct difference in the ideology of gender, and as a result, gender roles were much more contrasting than those of today.

Generally, gender was divided between public and private spaces. Women were left to control private space, meaning they were expected to stay home and care for the house and children. In contrast, men were left to operate the public space meaning that they went to work to provide for their families back home.

Nowadays, this ideology is outdated, and gender roles mean less than they once did. Thanks to this shift in ideology, modern-day men are more likely to play bingo than their forefathers because they are less likely to face scrutiny for playing a typically ‘feminine’ game. Not to mention, playing via online bingo sites is perfect for concealing one’s identity.

The world wide web offers its users anonymity regarding preferences and online behaviour. Since despite gender roles shifting every day in our modern age, there are still men who wouldn’t feel comfortable setting foot in a physical bingo hall – which is where bingo sites come in – therefore avoiding the fear of judgement.

Online Sign-Up Bonuses

Since men predominately dominate the online gambling market, those who have already dabbled in other online casino games will be no stranger to the bonuses, promotions, and offers online casino sites offer. Like the latter sites, online bingo sites also provide a mixture of bonuses and rewards for signing up and continued play.

Some of the best bingo sites might offer perks like free spins, deposit matching, free cards, and other promotions. Like online casino sites, bingo sites also reward returning players for their loyalty with additional perks. They also offer players, both returning and new, plenty of game options in various themes and styles that can help to make play more entertaining.

Before signing up for a bingo site, consider looking at bingo reviews on sites like As well as being full of trustworthy casino and bingo site reviews, players can discover new bingo operators, learn the best bingo bonuses, or offers and read the latest news. For more insight, head over to their website and consider using their helpful resources to make more informed decisions about games, operators, etc.

Attractive To Tech-Savvy People

A common misconception about growing old is losing touch with technology. So indeed, for the older generation of men playing online bingo and reading bingo reviews has proven an attractive way to remain tech-savvy.

As well as being an entertaining way to pass the time, playing bingo online presents older adults with the ability to re-discover the digital world in a way that isn’t as complex as other online casino games such as blackjack or poker.

Studies have proven that incorporating technology into older adults’ lives can improve their quality of life and helps them facilitate independent living. Due to this, it has become a popular hobby among older men and one that they can share with their partners or older children.

Presents Socialising Opportunities

Although bingo has undoubtedly been modernised, some of the core aspects of the game have remained the same. One of these aspects is the act of socialising, which is still increasingly prevalent in modern adaptions of the game.

There is a pattern of loneliness among adult men. Females are less likely to suffer since they’re more likely to admit to their family and peers when experiencing feelings of loneliness. This loneliness could stem from various factors, whether they suffer from anxiety or live in an isolated area.

Nowadays, bingo sites keep the socialisation of the game alive through the integration of online chatrooms, meaning that players can interact with each other, make friends, and organise their own bingo events.

Men may take advantage of these features since people often feel more liberated while hiding behind the screens of their smartphones, laptops, or tablets, and due to this, they are more likely to interact with each other using in-game chat rooms.

Some sites even allow players to invite their own friends to join a game or attend bingo events, making the gaming experience more personal and entertaining. Online gambling can be incredibly impersonal, so playing a game that doesn’t just focus on strategy makes the game more rewarding.

It’s Quicker And Easier To Play

One of the most unappealing aspects of playing bingo is the pace. According to the National Bingo Game Association, a traditional bingo game lasts for under ten minutes, like a 90 Ball online bingo game. However, as well as the 90 Ball version, bingo sites offer a range of bingo games, including ‘Speed Bingo’, in which a round can last for as little as one minute.

Not to mention, in a physical bingo hall, you must deal with the behaviour of other people, which can be distracting. You might be sitting next to someone who won’t stop chatting, making it difficult to hear the numbers being called out. Or the person next to you might spill their drink, causing it to go all over your card and making it hard to read.

These are all problems that can be avoided by playing online on the best bingo sites. As well as being quicker and easier to play, online bingo boasts many other attractive benefits for players, such as the numbers being registered automatically, being able to complete other tasks simultaneously and the convenience of playing from your own home.

Plus, as well as having the luxury of playing wherever and whenever you’d like. Using bingo sites can also help players save money on additional expenses such as fuel and refreshments at the venue, making the activity fun and convenient.

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