How To Be More Like Bond. James Bond.

The name’s Bond, James Bond.

It’s the line every man has dreamt of saying. With a martini in one hand (shaken, not stirred of course) and keys to the DB5 jangling in the other, you simply couldn’t get any cooler if you tried. You’d have Eva Green, Ursula Andress, and Honor Blackman eating out of the palm of your hand, a hand bruised and battered through jumping from trains, rolling cars, and of course, beating up bad guys.

And with the teaser trailer recently landing, we’re getting exciting about the secret agent yet again. Naturally, in the real world, we’re not condoning beating people up in the street, nor are we asking you to drink as much alcohol as the famed 007, but if you’re wanting to channel your inner Connery or Craig, we list the must do’s for anyone wanting to introduce themselves with their surname first…

Sean Connery as James Bond

It All Begins In W1

Do you ever see Bond not looking smart? Even when he’s swinging from cranes he’s dressed in a well-fitted Hawaiian shirt and chinos. But of course, the suit is what makes James Bond famous.

Right from the very first movie with Sean Connery in Dr No, the suit has been what makes Bond look great. Whether it be two buttoned, three, double-breasted, single, his tailored pieces define the era they were worn.

If you ever wonder how to wear a suit well, look at Bond. He continually wears the epitome of fine British tailoring and over the years has worn some incredibly cool outfits. The finest perhaps being Connery’s Goldfinger suit.

James Bond 007

It’s grey and white glen check is absolutely stunning, featuring narrow lapels and a six-buttoned waistcoat, creating a real classic look that set the benchmark for all the following Bonds.

Daniel Craig has continued that trend, but rather stepping away from Savile Row and towards American designer Tom Ford who has now worked on the last three movies.

Whoever the designer however, it’s time to ditch the denim and get the tape measure out for a tailored suit that will make you borderline irresistible.

James Bond - Casino Royale

Be Good At Gambling

If James Bond isn’t tied up somewhere – if he’s not in a hotel bar, heck, if he’s not in bed with a beautiful woman – the likelihood is he’ll be in a casino.

Obviously, you don’t have MI6’s money to gamble away, so you need to be a little more careful when putting in millions of dollars.

Casino Royale proved Bond to be a poker master, beating Le Chiffre with a straight flush, although you can’t expect to just head down to your local cardroom and instantly become a hit, and you won’t catch Bond embarrassed at the table.

It’s a game of skill and craft, one where you need to read people’s minds and develop a strategy. And that means practice, practice, practice. The online rooms are perfect to play for real or play money, and your tux can remain in pristine condition before donning it, a poker expert and ready to defeat your very own Le Chiffre.

Pierce Brosnan - James Bond

Drink Things Shaken Not Stirred

According to research carried out, James Bond downed 1,150 units of alcohol in just 88 days. If we did that, we wouldn’t be a cool, sophisticated spy blending into our surroundings. We’d be up on the tables jiving, and then likely blending in on a hospital ward.

We’re certainly not recommending taking a leaf out Bond’s book in this respect, but a dry Martini with a slice of lemon peel would certainly make you look like one hell of a cool man, especially ahead of a night on the poker tables.

Although you could always just make one yourself. The martini is expected to take centre stage in the new Spectre movie with Belvedere Vodka signing a multi-million dollar deal with the series.

So that’s exactly what you need. In the book Casino Royale, Bond specifies the ingredients for the Vesper, which contains three measures of gin, one of vodka and half a measure of Kina Lillet, shaken well with a thin slice of lemon peel.

Today, Kina Lillet is no more, but Lillet Blanc is the perfect replacement, even made by the same brand. And surely it goes without saying: shaken, not stirred!

Aston Martin - James Bond

Be Handy In An Aston

It’s unlikely you’re ever going to be able to afford the $220,000 to buy a DB9, nor if you could would you want to race it around like 007, but sampling the Aston Martin is a must for any Bond fan.

It’s been the car of choice for the British secret agent since his life in MI6 began and there are plenty of tracks across the world which let you take one for a spin on unforgettable day experiences.

And that’s not to mention the car hire you can get on the DB5. A car that has curves as beautiful as the women he takes to bed. It could set you back around $1,500 for the day to hire, but it’ll be worth it as you cruise down the highway, Ford suit on, and thousands of dollars of winnings in the trunk.

James Bond Girls

Seduce A Bond Girl

Which leaves just one thing: the girl. James Bond’s catalogue of women is unrivalled; in fact not even Harry Styles could match the man with the golden gun (that isn’t a euphemism).

So to be Bond, you need a glamorous young lady on your arm to boot. And it’s not an impossible task. You’ve got the suit. You’ve got the poker nouse. The keys to the Aston are in your pocket, and you’re stood coolly at the bar. The ladies will be flocking towards you.

And that, in a nutshell, is how you become Bond. And even if you don’t look like Connery, Moore, or Craig, you’ll still look unbelievably cool.

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